Upgrading from beta to GA of the Visual Recognition service

On May 20, 2016, the Visual Recognition service released in General Availability (GA). The following sections explain how to upgrade from beta to GA.

Any custom classifiers that were created while the service was in Beta will not be available in GA and must be recreated in a GA instance of the service. To use the GA features of the Visual Recognition service with a IBM® Bluemix® application that uses a beta instance of the service, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a new Watson Visual Recognition instance.

  2. Bind the new instance of the service to your app in IBM® Bluemix®.

  3. Gather the data that was used to initially create the custom classifiers. For more information, see Structure of the training data.

  4. Upload the training data to create new custom classifiers in the GA instance. For more information, see Guidelines for training classifiers.

  5. In your app, point to the new custom classifiers.

  6. Unbind the beta service from your app in IBM® Bluemix®, and then delete it.

To learn more about the changes made to the Visual Recognition service from beta to GA, see the Release notes.