Watson documentation



Add a natural language interface to your application to automate interactions with your end users. Common applications include virtual agents and chat bots that can integrate and communicate on any channel or device.


Add a cognitive search and content analytics engine to applications to identify patterns, trends and actionable insights that drive better decision-making

Discovery News

Add a cognitive search and content analytics engine based on pre-enriched news content to applications to identify patterns, trends and actionable insights that drive better decision-making

Document Conversion

Transforms HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Word documents into normalized HTML, plain text, or sets of Answer units that can be used with other Watson services.

Language Translator

Identify the language text is written in. Translate text from one language to another for specific domains.

Natural Language Classifier

Interpret natural language and classify it with confidence

Natural Language Understanding

Natural language processing for advanced text analysis

Personality Insights

Enables deeper understanding of people's personality characteristics, needs, and values to help engage users on their own terms

Retrieve and Rank

Enhance information retrieval with machine learning

Speech to Text

Low-latency, streaming transcription

Text to Speech

Synthesizes natural-sounding speech from text

Tone Analyzer

Helps users understand the tones that are present in text

Visual Recognition

Understand the contents of images. Create custom classifiers to develop smart applications. Create custom collections to search for similar images.

AlchemyData News (Retired)

AlchemyData provides news and blog content enriched with natural language processing to allow for highly targeted search and trend analysis. Now you can query the world's news sources and blogs like a database.

AlchemyLanguage (Retired)

AlchemyLanguage is a collection of APIs that enable text analysis through natural language processing.

Dialog (Retired)

Create conversations any way you like to answer questions, walk through processes, or just to chat!

Tradeoff Analytics (Retired)

Helps users make better choices to best meet multiple conflicting goals, combining smart visualization and recommendations for tradeoff exploration


Watson Virtual Agent

Watson Virtual Agent is a new way to provide automated services to your customers. Use the application to customize a virtual agent that provides a cognitive, conversational self-service experience to your customers as it answers their questions and completes business transactions on their behalf. It uses a pre-built Conversation service dialog that has been trained to understand common business use case intents. You can quickly choose the intents that you want the virtual agent to support to meet your specific business needs.

Watson Knowledge Studio

Watson Knowledge Studio is a cloud-based application that enables you to create custom annotator components that can be used to identify entity and relationship mentions in unstructured data. It provides developers and domain experts with intuitive tools they can use to work together to build a rule-based or machine learning model, and deploy the model for use in other Watson services, such as Watson Discovery and AlchemyLanguage.