Improving understanding

The Improve component of the Conversation service provides a history of conversations with users. You can use this history to improve your bot's understanding of users' inputs.

While you develop your workspace, you use the Try it out panel to verify that it recognizes the correct intents and entities in test inputs, and make corrections as needed. In the Improve panel, you can view actual conversations with your users and make similar corrections to improve the accuracy with which intents and entities are recognized.

To open the chat logs, select User conversations in the navigation bar. If User conversations is not visible, use the Menu menu to open the page. When you open the User conversations page, the chat logs for the last 90 days are provided, with the newest first. The top intent and any entities used in the message, the message text, and the bot's reply are available.

The length of time for which chat logs are retained depends on your Conversation service plan:

Service plan Chat log retention
Standard/Premium Last 30 days
Free Last 7 days

You can expand each message to see what the user said in the whole conversation, how your bot answered, and the conversation ID. To do this, select View conversation. You are automatically taken to the message you selected within that conversation.

You can also filter the chat logs by Keyword (using the search function), Intents, Entities, and Date range:

  • Keyword - Type a word in the search bar. This searches the user's input, but not your bot's reply.

  • Intents - Select the drop-down menu and type an intent in the input field or choose from the populated list. You can select more than one intent, which filters the results using any of the selected intents.

  • Entities - Select the drop-down menu and type an entity name in the input field or choose from the populated list. You can select more than one entity, which filters the results by any of the selected entities. If you filter by intent and entity, your results will include the messages that have both values.

  • Date range- Select the drop-down menu and choose Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 90 days (Default), or Custom. If you choose Custom, type the date range or select it from the calendar. Chat logs history is dependent on your service plan, as stated in the plan description.

Your chat logs might take some time to update. Allow at least 30 minutes after a user's input before filtering for that content.


View chat logs

The recognized intent and any recognized entity values are listed. If the intent has not been modifed and entities have not been added, the heading for these items says "Original understanding." If the intent has been corrected, or if entities have been added, the heading says "Updated understanding."

View an individual conversation

Add the current input as an example of the intent that was recognized:

  1. Select the + sign.

While the correct intent was recognized, adding the example can increase the confidence with which this intent is recognized, and it can help recognize this intent in other similar inputs.

Correct the intent

  1. Select Edit.
  2. Select the drop-down list and choose the correct intent for this input. Begin typing in the entry field and the list of intents is filtered. You can also choose to "Mark as irrelevant" from this menu.
  3. Select Done.

Add an entity value or synonym

  1. Select Edit.
  2. Highlight a word or phrase in the input.
  3. From the drop-down list, choose an entity to which the highlighted phrase will be added as a value. Begin typing in the entry field and the list of entities and values is filtered.
    • To add the highlighted phrase as a synonym for an existing value, choose the entity:value from the drop-down list.
  4. Select Done.