Testing your dialog

As you make changes to your dialog, you can test it at any time to see how it responds to input.

  1. From the Dialog tab, click the Ask Watson icon.

  2. In the chat pane, type some text and then press Enter.

    Tip: Make sure the system has finished training on your most recent changes before you start to test the dialog. If the system is still training, a message appears at the top of the chat pane:

    Screen capture of training message

  3. Check the response to see if the dialog correctly interpreted your input and chose the right response.

    The chat window indicates what intents and entities were recognized in the input:

    Screen capture of test dialog output

    In the dialog editor pane, the currently active node is highlighted:

    Screen capture of highlighted node

As you continue to interact with the dialog, you can see how the conversation flows through the dialog.

If you determine that the wrong intents or entities are being recognized, you might need to modify your intent or entity definitions. If the right intents and entities are being recognized, but the wrong nodes are being triggered in your dialog, make sure your conditions are written correctly.

To find and resubmit a test utterance, you can press the Up key to cycle through your recent inputs.