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Watson Conversation allows you to quickly build, test and deploy a bot or virtual agent across mobile devices, messaging platforms like Slack or even on a physical robot. Conversation has a visual dialog builder to help you create natural conversations between your apps and users, without any coding experience required.

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Find out how easy it is to build a chat bot or other conversational application and learn more about recent breakthroughs in cognitive technology.

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Up to 1000 API queries/month*

Up to 3 workspaces
Up to 25 intents
Shared public cloud


$0.0025 (USD) per API call*

Unlimited API queries/month
Up to 20 workspaces
Up to 2000 intents
Shared public cloud


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Watson Premium plans offer a higher level of security and isolation to help customers with sensitive data requirements.

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*POST /message method calls only

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Localized versions of Watson services (Natural Language Classifier, Retrieve and Rank, Speech to Text, Text to Speech) are available in the following places.

Japanese - SoftBank