The State of Idaho uses Watson Assistant to deliver critical voting information to citizens in days


Why Watson Assistant

Advanced AI technology and expertise

Start your journey to AI with a personalized use case identification workshop, expert deployment and best-in-class AI built into Watson Assistant on IBM Cloud.

Predefined content on key topics

Utilize public service and health information – government aid, unemployment, voting payer-provider and COVID-19 information from the U.S. C.D.C – as well as common insurance, banking, retail and customer service content.

Connected to your customer experience

Embed conversational AI in your digital and voice channels with one-click integration to telephony and customer care platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk and more.

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Use Cases

Customer Self-service

Streamline how you empower customers and citizens to resolve inquiries across channels – including web, voice and existing customer service platforms – to reduce costs and improve efficiency by automating up to 90% of inquiries.

Agent Assist

Empower agents to respond to questions faster and with greater confidence, speeding information gathering, simplifying research and increasing customer NPS by up to 20%.

Employee Self-service

Watson Assistant provides responses to common employee questions and shares relevant resources around the clock, helping you work smart and safe while alleviating the burden on internal help desks and reducing time spent on administrative tasks by 40%.

Ready to scale your customer service approach in days

Rapidly extend your existing customer service applications and operations with the scale of AI and the expertise of IBM.

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See how Watson Assistant provides instant information to organizations like the City of Markham in our latest webinar.

Client Stories

GM Financial

Hear how GM Financial replaced their basic chatbot with an AI-powered virtual agent, automating responses to customer inquiries and enabling agents to focus on more engaging and complex customer issues.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

To provide parents with important information, this hospital and medical group used Watson Assistant to answer common questions and suggest next steps that a parent should take, based on the healthcare system's established protocols.


By creating an omnichannel experience, the bank helped customers find the answers they need faster and gave agents a simpler way to provide top notch service through an integrated customer service platform.

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