Why Watson Assistant?

Watson Assistant provides a simplified way for employees to quickly get answers to questions about internal company processes, freeing them to focus on higher-value work. Watson Assistant lets you build conversational support into HR applications, intranets, and other systems with which employees regularly interact to supply answers to common questions, share relevant resources, and alleviate the burden on internal helpdesk staff and HR professionals. Only Watson Assistant can identify and recommend new topics from pre-existing employee chat or call logs, dramatically decreasing the time it takes to get started. 

The challenges

average amount of time it takes to answer an internal support ticket

average amount of tickets received by internal support teams per month 

average cost per minute of handling an internal ticket

Solved with Watson Assistant

reduction in incident resolution times

average time-savings for HR functions by reducing administrative workloads

reduction in helpdesk costs by automating employee self service

Watson Assistant powers results

Solution overview

Provide responses to common employee questions around the clock with an end-to-end virtual assistant. Enhance Watson Assistant with AI search to uncover answers buried in HR documentation. Seamlessly integrate with existing internal systems.

The technology powering the solutions

Watson Assistant is the industry-leading, enterprise AI virtual assistant technology that enables business users and developers to collaborate and build conversational AI solutions.

Watson Assistant is a leader in conversational computing

Watson Assistant named the leader in Forrester’s New Wave report on Conversational Computing. Apply award-winning AI to automate employee self service.