Why Watson Assistant?

With Watson Assistant, you can create an engaging conversational platform to help facilitate customer self service. With low-code tooling, automating customer service has never been easier. Craft a personal, conversational experience in any application, device, or channel, and deploy on any vendor cloud – allowing your business to bring AI to your data and apps, wherever they are. Powered by AI, Watson Assistant knows when to ask for clarity and when to direct the user to a human agent, making small tasks easy and complex tasks personal.

The challenges

of consumers expect an online portal for automated customer service

of unsatisfied customers will not return to a business

of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent by 2020

Solved with Watson Assistant

saved per customer self service interaction

customer satisfaction score, encouraging customers to return

potential cost savings each year with automated customer service

Watson Assistant powers results

Autodesk deployed a solution with Watson Assistant to automate customer service, speeding customer response times by 99%. Autodesk’s AI assistant supports 100,000 conversations per month, reducing resolution time from 1.5 days to 5.4 minutes.

Solution overview

Automate your customer service with an end-to-end virtual assistant. Integrate with existing CRM systems and service desks, and enhance Watson Assistant with AI search.

The technology powering the solutions

Watson Assistant is the industry-leading, enterprise AI virtual assistant technology that enables business users and developers to collaborate and build robust conversational solutions.

Watson Assistant is a leader in conversational computing

Watson Assistant has been named the leader in Forrester’s New Wave report on Conversational Computing. Implement award-winning AI to automate your customer service processes today.