Why Watson?

Keep your systems running

Use AI to catch potential issues in the systems and processes that are essential to your business.

Why Watson?

Prevent outages


lost when a major airline shut down for five hours.

Plan ahead


of outages at Fortune 500 companies are due to poorly planned changes.

Maintain assets


lost every year due to subway delays in New York City.

Avoid downtime


of downtime a year suffered by businesses without a recovery policy in place.

Key tools and solutions

Watson AIOps

Focus on innovation, not outages. Drive new efficiency with AI-powered IT incident resolution, fueled by your own data.

Watson Discovery

By detecting system anomalies, Watson Discovery helps preempt problems.

Watson IoT Platform

Monitor and anticipate disruptions with a broad range of IoT devices.


Put Watson to work

Watson AI helps your enterprise optimize and reimagine the way work gets done. Here are six, powerful ways Watson improves how your organization runs.