Why Watson?

Build your competitive advantage with AI

Watson helps you unlock the value of your data in entirely new, profound ways, giving every member of your team the power of AI. With a suite of pre-built applications and tools to build, run and manage your AI, Watson gives you insights to predict and shape outcomes and infuse intelligence into your workflows. By freeing your teams from repetitive tasks, you can empower them to focus on more creative, higher-value work.

Use cases

Discover how Watson can transform every part of your organization, getting more out of your data so you can innovate at speed.

AI for IT operations

Confidently manage highly dynamic, data-intensive environments with speed and resilience, so you can focus on innovation.

AI for customer service with Watson Assistant

Improve customer and employee experiences with the smarter AI assistant for business.

AI for risk and compliance with IBM RegTech

Accelerate insights and increase efficiency through applied innovation and domain expertise to make timely, risk-aware decisions.

AI for financial operations with IBM Planning Analytics

Increase agility and efficiency in financial planning and analysis with smarter performance management. Collaborate across the organization to create truly integrated plans.

World-changing AI research

AI will transform the world in dramatic ways in the coming years, and IBM Research AI is at the forefront.