Easy-to-use APIs

Transform your business by adding cognitive capabilities to your applications and services. Explore ready-to-use Watson APIs for language, vision, speech and data.

Watson Text to Speech

Enable computers to speak like humans by converting written text into natural sounding audio in a variety of languages and voices

Watson Natural Language Classifier

Interpret and classify natural language by understanding the intent behind the text

Watson Assistant

Build and deploy chatbots across mobile devices, messaging platforms or even on physical robots

Watson Discovery

Use a cognitive search and content analytics engine that extracts value from unstructured data

Watson Visual Recognition

Analyze images for scenes, objects, faces, colors and other subjects to gain greater information about your visual content

Watson Natural Language Understanding

Use advanced text analysis to extract metadata from natural language content, such as keywords, categories, sentiment and emotion

Cloud infrastructure for cognitive computing

Hone your IT infrastructure to support cognitive workloads. Enhance your cloud solutions to handle explosive data growth and high-performance analytics processing.

Watson IoT Platform

Manage your Internet of Things devices with one cloud-based tool

IBM Virtual Servers

Build your cloud infrastructure with high-performance servers

IBM DB2 Warehouse on Cloud

Use elastic scaling for your cloud data warehouse with pricing to fit your needs
Try up to 1GB of storage free

IBM Cloud

Create and run modern apps and services with a flexible, hybrid cloud

AI for your business

Gain deeper insights tailored for your business by using systems that can reason and learn. Analyze and interpret massive amounts of data to unlock intelligence that drives growth.

Watson Explorer

Extract data insights across barriers with cognitive analysis and search

IBM Watson for Genomics

Provide precision medicine to cancer patients and enhance confidence in personalized treatment approaches

IBM Cognitive Security Operations Center (SOC)

Revolutionize your defenses with security that understands, reasons and learns

IBM Prescriptive Maintenance on Cloud

Improve asset availability with machine learning and analytics