Simplify your journey to cloud with our cloud consulting services

Cloud consulting services from IBM can help your organization realize business objectives by building, deploying and managing workloads on a multicloud environment integrated with your traditional infrastructure. IBM's expertise and processes help you build a complete, security-rich solution that creates new value for your business.

Take advantage of the agility, flexibility and speed of cloud to stay competitive, while managing increased IT complexity. As tightly integrated infrastructures are replaced by modular, managed services in a hybrid environment of private and public clouds, workloads must be migrated, optimized and enabled for cloud applications to stay competitive.

3 paths to help you get started

Migrate and modernize

Migrate workloads to any cloud, gain agility and free budgets for other tasks

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Integrate, manage and optimize

With cloud consulting you maximize the scale and reliability of your cloud infrastructure

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Enable cloud native

Create an optimized multicloud environment with any cloud vendor

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IBM Cloud Services experts can help you on your cloud journey

Cloud consulting for migration and modernization of your cloud infrastructure

How it works

Refocus infrastructure management and operations resources by migrating to a public or private cloud; shifting from a CapEx to OpEx business model. IBM can help you successfully migrate your workloads to VMware, IBM Cloud™or any other cloud provider.

Cloud Migration Services

Move data, applications or other business infrastructure to a hosting environment and experience improved data and application availability

Cloud Application Development

Quickly design, build and improve applications for cloud at scale with end-to-end development services from IBM.

Featured service

IBM Multicloud Migration Services

Migrate easily from any to any environment - no lock in. You can test, move workloads and migrate back, if needed.

Breaking the rules of cloud migration

We will reveal the critical success factors for cloud migration and how to break the rules in a safe way, in order for the migration to be easy, successful and fast.

Cloud Strategy Services

Successfully shape end-to-end IT innovation initiatives with a focus on technology, modernization, rationalization, agility and migration to the cloud

Integrate, manage and optimize

How it works

Achieve scale and reliability by integrating and optimizing your workload management across public, private or hybrid cloud environments.  Refocus business objectives with the benefit of IBM's experience managing over 30,000 clients worldwide.

How managed cloud services can facilitate your digital transformation

Analyst group Frost & Sullivan shares results from a recent survey of IT decision makers to show how businesses rely on their managed cloud service provider to help them realize their transformation strategies.

Managed Cloud Services

Integrate and more effectively manage your cloud and traditional infrastructures. Get the scalability you need and minimize infrastructure cost and complexity.

Featured service

IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services

Simplify infrastructure management with modular services, paying only for what you need.

Top 10 criteria for selecting a cloud managed services provider


Uncover the most important qualifications to consider when choosing a managed services provider in this interactive ebook.

How top IT decision-makers strategically leverage cloud services solution providers

In this Frost & Sullivan report, review insights of top IT decision-makers to see how businesses rely on their managed cloud service providers to realize their digital transformation strategies

Enable cloud native

How it works

Evolve your business model with a multicloud environment that enables faster speed to market and continuous integration of cloud native and DevOps applications. IBM can support your multicloud workload migration with any provider, whether AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, IBM Cloud or another.

Multicloud Services

Integrate, manage and optimize across Amazon Web Services, Azure, IBM Cloud and other cloud providers.

Cloud Hosting Services

Meet expanding data and application needs with security-rich, scalable cloud hosting. You define the options, pricing and service model for each application.

Featured service

IBM Services for Multicloud Management

Manage and operate an agile and scalable architecture to support any workload on any cloud.

Top 10 best practices for successful multicloud management

The new multicloud world is changing the face of IT. Are you ready to successfully manage your multi-cloud world?

Innovate, differentiate and grow your business with multicloud

Learn how multicloud solutions have helped clients create a signature experience for developers, streamline operations, boost financial performance and enabled or extended new business models.

Talk to an IBM Cloud Services expert

What makes a cloud services expert? Proven experience solving client problems
involving cloud strategy and innovation, cloud migration and modernization,
and cloud managed and hosting services.

Connect with some of our cloud services experts

Ravi Poddar

Director, IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud Services

John Granger

GM, GBS Cloud Application Innovation

Mike Fitzgerald

Partner, Global Lead, Cloud Adoption Services, Cloud Consulting Services

Mohammed Farooq

General Manager, IBM Brokerage Services

Additional services to guide your transformational journey

Cloud security

Get enterprise-grade security services to safeguard your cloud environments. Stay ahead of threats in your cloud environment with a standardized, automated and elastic approach.

Disaster recovery

Minimize the impact of disruption and recover within minutes of an outage with Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Technology support services

Reduce complexity and overall cost with single-source IT support for all your IT needs.

IBM Network Services for SDN

Deliver agile, resilient, secure and intelligent networks to support your Cloud Transformation with a Software Defined approach.

IBM Data Center Services

Transform your data center design to be scalable, resilient and support growing workload demands

Business Continuity Services

Enable resilient models to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity