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Find out about installing, using, and administering IBM Planning Analytics with Watson on the IBM Knowledge Center.

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Discover how Planning Analytics with Watson can work for you with best practice guides, industry use cases, planning models and more.



IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

Discover how Planning Analytics with Watson can be used to create a financial plan for a large enterprise.

Planning Analytics with Watson for MS Excel

See how the familiar Microsoft Excel interface is tightly integrated into Planning Analytics with Watson.

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson Workspace

Discover how to build planning applications within the IBM web interface.

Vapo Oy

Uses Planning Analytics with Watson to reduce complexity and implement a new sustainable business model.


Manages a 51 quintillion data point "supercube" with the only solution that can handle their scale.


Reduces the time and manual work of financial and accounting consolidation with help from Cortell.



Refines processes and execute faster analysis with Planning Analytics with Watson and Cognos.


Triangulate key drivers to ensure customer experience is top-notch.

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