What is IBM MQ Appliance?

A powerful and efficient hardware appliance, IBM MQ Appliance eases IBM MQ setup and maintenance, reducing TCO as it can extend and simplify your efforts to reach partners and remote locations.


A graphical icon representing the time and money saved by using pre-optimized, automated firmware updates in IBM MQ Appliance

Reduce TCO through simple setup and maintenance

IBM MQ Appliance comes pre-optimized, with automated firmware updates, simplifying maintenance and reducing the time and money it takes to start using IBM MQ.

A graphical icon representing the encryption feature of IBM MQ Appliance that helps ensure business continuity and data protection

Protect with high availability and disaster recovery

The built-in, end-to-end encryption feature of IBM MQ Appliance helps ensure business continuity and can protect your data in the case of a disruption, regardless of how serious.

As represented in graphical icon, IBM MQ Appliance is a messaging hub that can be deployed where servers are impractical or consolidated to save space in data center

Integrate with or consolidate your existing IBM MQ network

Use IBM MQ Appliance as a messaging hub, enabling you to deploy it where IBM MQ servers are impractical or to consolidate parts of your infrastructure to save data center space.

Product versions

Consider these IBM MQ product versions

IBM MQ on the cloud

Deploy IBM MQ across clouds for a common messaging backbone. Gain assurance and peace of mind, while connecting to your existing on-premises MQ infrastructure.

IBM MQ Advanced

Get core IBM MQ functionality, with additional file transfer, end-to-end message data encryption and simplified high-availability capabilities.

IBM MQ for z/OS

With custom code designed for IBM z/OS®, IBM MQ is the best way to transfer data on the mainframe. Get the stability, reliability and security-rich messaging that can be used as the foundation of your business.


Simplify, accelerate and facilitate the reliable exchange of data with a security-rich messaging solution for cloud, mobile, IoT and on premises environments. Trusted for over 25 years by the world's most successful enterprises.

Data preservation with low total cost of ownership

A manufacturer uses IBM MQ Appliance to connect its head office to satellite locations and onboard new partners quickly, providing built-in data-loss prevention.

Complete your IBM MQ deployment

IBM App Connect Enterprise

Simply connect applications and data across all of your environments. Benefit from hundreds of security-rich, pre-built connectors and integration features to satisfy even the most complex enterprise requirements.

IBM PureApplication®

Deploy application environments quickly and repeatedly for on-premises and off-premises cloud landscapes.

IBM Event Streams

Enjoy a scalable, distributed, high-throughput message bus, available as a fully managed IBM Cloud™ service.

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