Delivers a fourth-generation development environment

IBM® Informix® 4GL is a comprehensive fourth-generation application development and production environment. Informix 4GL provides power and flexibility without the need for third-generation languages like C and COBOL.
IBM Informix 4GL

Provides key database development tools

Includes Informix 4GL Rapid Development System and Informix 4GL Interactive Debugger to provide an optimal dev environment while Informix 4GL Compiler enables high-performance application execution.

Deploys your functions with web services

Leverages your existing 4GL code to create web services for applications written in other programming languages such as Java and .Net without writing any Java or .NET code.

Integrates data and business logic

Enables you to subscribe to web services written in 4GL or any modern programming language delivering the power to easily integrate data and business logic with other business data and applications.

Reduces time and increases performance

Provides rapid development and interactive debugging capabilities. Delivers ability to customize power with procedural and non-procedural statements and enables high performance.