The technology of HPC solutions

The most powerful high performance computing (HPC) servers tackle the world’s biggest challenges, from combatting cancer and identifying next-gen materials to accelerating our understanding of disease. These same technologies can help you conquer your own business challenges with enterprise supercomputers designed for your needs.


Faster insights

HPC lets you process large amounts of data more quickly, leading to faster insights and the ability to stay ahead of competition.

Cost savings

IBM® Power Systems™ offer superior performance that allows you to do more while spending less money.

Secure and reliable

IBM Power Systems and Storage provide industry-leading reliability to ensure your HPC environments stay up and running.

HPC servers and storage

The POWER9 HPC advantage

IBM POWER9™ is the only processor with state-of-the-art I/O subsystem technology — including next-generation NVIDIA NVLink, PCIe Gen4, and OpenCAPI — to solve your toughest challenges.

Storage servers for HPC workloads

IBM Elastic Storage® System supports HPC workloads, allowing you to consolidate storage requirements across your organization and reduce inefficiency by eliminating silos and lowering acquisition costs.


HPC is embodied by supercomputers, powerful systems that help organizations like yours solve problems that would be otherwise insurmountable. Much more powerful than regular computers, these platforms can help you seek out new solutions and better assess revenue streams.

Accelerated Computing

An accelerated computing solution provides faster AI model iterations, flexible deployment, open innovation and proven enterprise infrastructure durability — all of which allow you to unlock the true potential of your data.

HPC computing solutions

Accelerate and simplify HPC

Unleash the power of your compute infrastructure to accelerate workloads, increase productivity and simplify management.

HPC on cloud

HPC on IBM Cloud® lets you exceed expectations by reducing time to results, accelerating deployment, elevating performance and reducing costs.

HPC software designed for AI

A visual recognition solution makes it easy to build custom models to detect images inside your applications.

HPC workload management

A comprehensive workload management solution that simplifies HPC with an enhanced user and administrator experience, plus performance at scale.

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