Unprecedented can't mean frozen in place

Maintaining business continuity in a time of rapidly changing priorities while transitioning to a virtual work culture is a lot to take on at once. Right now you need to get urgent work done remotely with the ability and confidence to pivot fast.

IBM Garage can help you:

  • Empower virtual teams with the tools and practices to maximize collaboration.
  • Zero in on what matters now — and move fast.
  • De-risk investments to make them count.
  • Apply the right technology at the right time for the right purpose.

IBM Garage was built for moving faster, working smarter and innovating in a way that lets you disrupt disruption.

What is IBM Garage?

Two words: Transformation. Accelerator. 

IBM Garage is IBM's approach to enable enterprises to accelerate, break through, and work more like startups. The IBM Garage experience seamlessly blends business strategy, design and technology into a single end-to-end journey. 

  • Co-create through Enterprise Design Thinking workshops, delivered by pros.
  • Co-execute to build, measure, pivot and learn new ways of working.
  • Co-operate to sustain rapid scaling and ongoing cultural change.

With IBM Garage, you realize measurable business value from innovation projects, ignite cultural change through co-creation with IBM experts, and build upon the momentum of iterative innovation to drive scaled digital transformation. Work alongside experts in design, architecture, agile development, data science and AI, automation, blockchain, security and more, while tapping into the latest hybrid cloud and AI technologies.

IBM Garage is how the world's largest enterprises reshape themselves from the outside in.

Real impact

Human-centered design improves product outcomes, reduces the risk of costly failures, and increases portfolio profitability¹.


Faster time-to-market


Reduced design time


Reduced development time

IBM Garage Methodology

The foundation of the Garage experience

The foundation of the Garage experience

The IBM Garage Methodology combines an open, seamless set of proven agile practices with a human-centric, outcome-first approach to quickly guide solutions from idea to implementation to scale. With the Methodology you'll learn new skills, master new ways of working and up your game. 

Co-create your solution

Your Garage experience begins with our partnered teams working together to identify your most critical business opportunity and map out a solution to tackle it.

Co-execute with agility

Apply new ways of working to iterate on your minimum viable product (MVP), building, measuring, and pivoting to achieve maximum business value.

Co-operate to deliver at scale

Scale your solution to increase market value and scale your innovations to drive transformation.

Discover your opportunities

Are you sure you know which challenges are the most critical? We'll get everyone aligned on the common goals that would make the biggest impact, identify possible bottlenecks and set the stage for you to tackle those challenges.

Envision a true solution

Innovation happens when creativity is applied to a real problem. With Enterprise Design Thinking, you'll see how putting your user front and center clarifies priorities and leads the way to an exceptional minimum viable product (MVP).

Develop quality through collaboration

Proven agile practices and structured DevOps tools heighten collaboration and weave outstanding quality into every iteration that goes into your production solution. Meanwhile, your team gains new skills, essential expertise and self-reliance. 

Reason with AI

Make the right decisions with confidence, speed and accuracy.  AI and data science models are table stakes for growth, and IBM Garage can help you turn your data into a competitive advantage.

Operate with always-on readiness

Continuous system monitoring is mandatory for operational excellence, but building in automation from the start to maintain high availability and resiliency will take your operational integrity to the next level.

Learn from your customers

Hypothesis-driven development in the Garage makes sure that you deliver what your customers will want, need, and actually use. Things move fast in the Garage, and our data-driven insights keep your outcome, quality and team on track.

Culture is your business's way of life

New technologies, aggressive competition, market behavior and the speed at which it all changes means that transforming how enterprises get work done isn't optional. IBM Garage helps companies of all sizes move faster and work smarter.


IBM Cloud Go cloud native. Accelerate innovation using the most open, secure public cloud for business.

IBM Cloud Paks Build, deploy, and operate apps wherever they run best using IBM's open hybrid cloud platform.

Artificial intelligence Unlock the value of data with AI. Turn your AI aspirations into outcomes.

Enterprise Design Thinking Apply design thinking to create personal and engaging experiences for your customers and employees. 

Blockchain and IoT Build smarter supply chains and benefit from advanced technologies like IoT, blockchain, and more.

Automation Drive autonomous decision making, create intelligent workflows, and improve business continuity.

Security Drive security into the fabric of your business.

IBM Research Discover emerging innovation spaces. Tap into a network of IBM technical thought leadership.

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Client stories

¹Forrester, The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM’s Design Thinking Practice, 2018