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Simplify complex decisions with decision intelligence software for precise and timely delivery of financial services. Learn how prescriptive analytics help deliver better financial services.

Travel and transportation

Travel and transportation

Help prepare for unforeseen circumstances more accurately. Shorten overall travel time and improve the customer experience through route optimization.



Reduce uncertainty when met with constantly changing production conditions. Optimize outcomes and prepare better for the future using decision analytics.



Streamline product assortment planning, warehouse replenishment, pricing and promotions with decision intelligence. See how decision optimization works when solving a retail promotions planning scenario.



Help reduce costs using prescriptive techniques to evaluate millions of “what-if” scenarios to assess impact. Get guidance for making better decisions for patients.

Energy and utilities

Energy and utilities

Use prescriptive analytics and machine-learning techniques to improve resource planning and scheduling. Act to help reduce or eliminate penalties and drive better business outcomes with smart grid utilization.

Featured products

IBM® ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio

Accelerate optimization modeling using an integrated development environment, powerful optimization solvers and support for multiple optimization modeling approaches.

IBM Decision Optimization for IBM Watson® Studio

Combine optimization and machine learning within a unified environment — IBM Watson® Studio — that gives you AI-infused optimization modeling capabilities.

IBM Decision Optimization Center

Build and deploy end-to-end decision support applications using a GUI, collaboration tools, "what-if" analysis, application data model support and flexible deployment architecture options.

IBM CPLEX® Optimizer for IBM z/OS®

Use the IBM CPLEX® Optimizer engine on IBM z/OS® to solve mathematical programming models such as MIP/MIQCP with C and C++ API for modeling.

Deploy and configure IBM Decision Optimization Center applications on Red Hat® OpenShift® with this hands-on-lab

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Better decisions with prescriptive analytics

Bridge the gap between analytical insights and actions with prescriptive analytics.

ESG Technical Validation

Predict and optimize with IBM Decision Optimization for IBM Watson Studio and IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

Explore better decision-making processes such as operational, strategic planning and scheduling.

Better ways to make smarter decisions

Capitalize on decision optimization capabilities within IBM Watson Studio.

Get started with Decision Optimization in IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

Learn how you can use Decision Optimization in IBM Cloud Pak for Data, including setting up an environment for new users.

Deploy and configure on Red Hat OpenShift

Make smarter decisions using an interactive and preconfigured environment.

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