Cyber threats evolve rapidly. And healthcare is a major target for threats. Attackers have tried ransomware, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, insider threats, data breaches, email-based scams and phishing attacks.

Hospitals are at risk more than other tech-heavy entities because a high percentage of the medical equipment and devices used may be running outdated software. Often working with limited resources to manage network and software updates, they face major obstacles to keep pace. And updating them can be a complex task.

Unfortunately, healthcare data breaches are ranked as the most expensive in the 2020 IBM Security Cost of a Data Breach report.

Manage risks to patient care

For NHS Digital, cybersecurity is more than an IT concern, it’s a clinical safety issue that, not done properly, might affect the ability to deliver patient-facing services on time. To help support the safety and health of patients, it wanted to broaden its support and increase the number and type of services it offered to the NHS. But it couldn’t do it alone.

IBM is not simply a supplier — it is one of NHS Digital’s main strategic security partners supporting our Data Security Centre to help the wider NHS.

Rob Shaw, Former Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Senior Information Risk Owner, NHS Digital


The current coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the urgency for advancing digital transformation across all levels of government. New technologies help government agencies prevent cyberattacks, scale for operational resiliency, and gain actionable insights with greater confidence and speed to support citizens.

Identifying and containing a data breach in the public sector takes 324 days, the second longest amount of time after healthcare breaches, according to the 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report.

Proactive monitoring. Productive teams. Powerful security.

To improve the scope and capabilities of its security processes, Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos (AST), part of the Spanish Government Industry, needed a tool that could support the management, analysis, retention and correlation of IT infrastructure logs in a non-homogeneous system. Along with IBM Business Partner Nologin Consulting S.L., they launched a consolidated security management platform, able to deliver comprehensive analytics and real-time visibility.

Before, we did not have all of this information. Now we know in a moment what is going on, and if we need to react.

Óscar Torreror Ladrero, Technology and Systems Director, Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos

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