Secure Hybrid Cloud

A resilient & flexible platform for innovation and growth


Service Express decided to invest in IBM Spectrum Storage Suite, IBM’s FlashSystem A9000R and IBM POWER9 processor based IBM Power Systems along with Software Defined Networking to enable them to remain competitive in the market. Using these components Service Express built a Software Defined Data Centre to provide its Secure Hybrid Cloud service through unique orchestration & automation which reduced deployment time by 12 weeks!

What makes up the Secure Hybrid Cloud?

Data Centre: Owning our Tier III & IV data centres means we are built with resilience in mind but are in full control of the whole supply chain as well as being extremely eco-friendly with a PUE of 1.13.

Security: With a plethora of company certifications and individual team member qualifications, your data is in safe hands, using solutions built with security at the forefront.

Flexible Solution: Deploy environments in under 48 hours, including IBM i, AIX, Linux, Intel & IBM Z. You can spin up test environments, only pay for what you use with a managed hybrid cloud option.

Customer Experience: We understand how important your business is. We speak to our customers to continually improve our services.

Artificial Intelligence: Our hardware lets customers run data-heavy workloads faster than ever, delivering insights to make improvements. We help businesses with their AI journeys, and we can help yours, too.


Enhanced security: Your data is safe.

Data centres: Full control and resilience. Maximum uptime, keeping your business running. Fast deployment: Start your projects/ business faster!

Test and innovate: Quickly and easily get access to replica test environments. Pay for what you use: Utilise the compute you need and save money.

Customer experience: We hear you and work with you to improve our services. Rely on an expert team and our 24/7 in-house UK service desk.

AI: Gain insights into your business data to enhance your business.

Success Story

A retail customer was looking for a cloud model which incorporated IBM i, as well as fast deployment due to them needing access to the platform quickly. With the Secure Hybrid Cloud, the customer had the environment deployed within 48 hours, gaining remote access to the platform and started testing on day 10. This meant the retail customer could start their project four and a half weeks before they initially expected, giving them the head start they needed.