SCC Cloud Services

When it comes to cloud there is an ever increasing number of platforms available for customers to utilise. This can make it difficult for customers to ensure they are making the right cloud choice for their organisation. SCC has vast experience in deploying and managing cloud platforms and working with customers to ensure the right choice is made for their business needs. Cloud is most commonly categorised under three headings: 

  • Public Cloud – shared resources.
  • Private Cloud – dedicated resources, not for public consumption. Typically for data which requires extra levels of security and control. 
  • Hybrid Cloud – connect multiple cloud platforms

Why Cloud? 

  • Ease the burden of managing your IT estate – take away repetitive tasks (70% of IT team time focused on managing infrastructure) 
  • Reduce capital expenditure
  • Highly scalable – deliver products and services to your customers and have a service which grows with you 
  • Improve innovation – easier to try out services without big up-front investment
  • Reduce the risk of downtime – multi-site redundancy 
  • Increase collaboration – Office 365

Did you know? The following information is from Cloud Computing Trends: 2017 State of the Cloud Survey: 

  • Cloud users are running applications in an average of 1.8 public clouds and 2.3 private clouds 
  • Cloud users are experimenting in an average of 1.8 public clouds and 2.1 private clouds
  • 85% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy, up from 82% of enterprises
  • The most cited challenge among mature cloud users is managing costs 
  • Security and lack of resources/expertise also tied for #1 
  • Hybrid Cloud is the preferred enterprise strategy
  • Companies now run 79% of workloads in cloud

Choosing the right Cloud

SCC works with customers to understand their Cloud adoption rate and determine the best Cloud and application strategy moving forward. SCC offers advice on the right Cloud, whether that’s Public Cloud, Private Cloud or a hybrid model. With exceptional experience in delivering Cloud services to our customers, SCC has built, delivered and continues to manage the first PAN Government Accredited Cloud for storing Public Sector data.

SCC has two established cloud platforms operating across three SCC data centre sites in the UK, providing our customers excellent redundancy and high availability options.

Cloud+ provides fully managed options to a varied customer base. In addition to hosting customers’ services, SCC offers full monitoring, management, patching and capacity reporting services for servers hosted on Cloud+. Our monitoring service provides alerts into our 24/7 service desk, who can feed into your own support channels. Our managed service takes this a stage further providing a full monitoring, alerting and break fix service up to and including the operating system.

Our patching service ensures that your server is kept up to date with the latest security releases for your server’s operating system and our capacity reporting service provides monthly reporting for the capacity of your servers and growth trending analysis to help highlight any future capacity constraints. Sentinel is SCC’s pan-government accredited, Public Sector Cloud. This offers all of the above, but in a Cloud which has additional security measures and been certified for use for sensitive data. SCC developed the first UK Government approved cloud, allowing us to host and store Public Sector data on behalf of our customers. With SCC Communications connectivity we also have points of presence in up to 60 data centres in the UK, providing even more redundancy to our customers.

SCC provide an IBM POWER Cloud – not available from Public Cloud providers. This helps customers on their journey to the benefits of cloud based solutions – the flexibility of a consumption based model and an SLA to suit their business allowing them to rapidly deploy scalable services in an enterprise data centre environment without the large capital investment usually associated with such environments.

All SCC cloud offerings are housed within SCC owned Tier 3 UK data centres. Built with resiliency at all levels of the infrastructure, it provides a stable, reliable infrastructure IaaS platform. In order to provide additional levels of availability and redundancy, SCC provide options for dual site replication at a second data centre for customer services.