Hampshire Constabulary and IBM—building a police force for the future

Hampshire Constabulary officers and staff were placed for six weeks within IBM

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Hampshire Constabulary wanted to find opportunities for the workforce within a future-oriented organisation in order to bring back ideas they could use on the job.

The Constabulary sent three officers and staff members on a six-week placement within IBM, which gave them an inside look at how technology could potentially change their way of working.

The initial circumstances

The average length of service for a Chief Inspector in Hampshire is 21 years. This long tenure has both benefits in terms of knowledge and organisational memory, as well as drawbacks such as developing fixed mindsets and working the same way as before just because “it's what’s always been done.”

The benefits of stepping outside daily experiences and challenging traditional approaches was identified back in 2016 by the College of Policing. Within the force, officers know that while they have a diverse range of initial working backgrounds, there is a strong likelihood that those in senior roles in the force have worked in policing for many years.

  • Working a specific way for a long time can make change seem difficult
  • Adapting to new ways of working is hard after working decades with the same practices
  • More experienced officers sometimes avoid newer methods, even when these could ease their job
  • The rapid digital development of later years created a need for digital awareness within the force
The end goal

The aim of the IBM placement was to immerse three people in a very different environment, so that they could learn, adapt and bring back thinking that would benefit the constabulary in key areas:

  • Gaining exposure to working, leading and managing in an entirely new environment
  • Increasing understanding of the challenges faced in other sectors
  • Developing commercial awareness and business acumen
  • Experiencing different approaches to operational delivery, particularly in the digital and cyber space
  • Making cross sector connections and developing a broad professional network, leading to improved collaborative working  
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