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Asteria AB extends its reach with IBM Cloud

In July 2020, Asteria AB became one of the first independent software vendors (ISVs) from Sweden to join the IBM Cloud for Financial Services ecosystem. The ecosystem enables banks to transact with ISVs in a public cloud environment that meets financial institutions’ stringent security and compliance requirements.

SimCorp A/S : The launch of a cloud-based fintech application

SimCorp’s flagship software product, SimCorp Dimension, supports investment firms all over the world. Compelled by the idea of providing end-to-end services to an even broader range of clients, SimCorp, a Danish-based company, wanted to begin offering SimCorp Dimension as a cloud-based service. IBM® Cloud™ and IBM Services™ helped make that vision a reality, so their clients can now take advantage of SimCorp Dimension without any infrastructure outlay.

Seguros Ocaso: 20 percent savings in five years

Ocaso, one of Spain’s largest insurance companies, wanted to reduce unused server time and streamline its disaster recovery solution. Using the IBM® Cloud™ for VMware solution, the privately-owned company created a cloud infrastructure perfectly suited to its needs and anticipates a 20 percent cost savings within five years.

TheLogicValue: Delivers sound, lightning-speed investment advice to financial advisors and investors

TheLogicValue, headquartered in Valencia, Spain, set out to help banks offer sound investment advice more efficiently. The migration to the IBM Cloud offered TheLogicValue more powerful computing resources, accelerating response times for the company’s software to deliver insights even faster. Complex questions are divided into smaller queries that are run in parallel, so that users enjoy rapid results.


GEVA Group is a payment (transaction) company based in Germany. The last several years have brought drastic increases in regulations and requirements in the banking and financial services industry. Read why “IBM Cloud Was the Only Choice for This European Payment Company”.

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