What is data quality?

Data quality helps you to cleanse and manage data while making it available across your organization. High-quality data enables strategic systems to integrate all related data to provide a complete view of the organization and the interrelationships within it. Data quality is an essential characteristic that determines the reliability of decision-making.

DataOps ensures that data quality is preserved to meet all your business goals across a business-ready data pipeline. By implementing a data quality solution from IBM, your organization can enhance data integrity to get the most from your informational assets.

See why IBM is a leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions.

Data Decoded in 60-seconds What is data quality

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Benefits of data quality

Act on a trusted view

Govern your data and accurately target customers for cross-sell.

Support data governance

Manage diverse data across its lifecycle and optimize ROI.

Modernize systems

Consolidate applications and automate processes to reduce cost.

Flagstar Bank

David Abayev, Data Quality Architect at Flagstar Bank, describes the strategy to modernize information architecture.

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