IBM MQ on Cloud

Companies are moving to the cloud to gain infrastructure flexibility and scalability and to cut down on maintenance and infrastructure costs and responsibilities. IBM MQ on Cloud is managed for you, removing all of your infrastructure responsibility. IBM maintains, monitors, upgrades and patches your systems that run MQ so you can focus on your applications. IBM will also migrate your queue managers to the newest version of MQ’s continuous delivery stream in minutes. And with pay-per-workload pricing, you pay for your average workload capacity, scaling up when needed — and only paying for what you actually use.

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MQ on cloud deployment shown in a diagram linking a cloud app and an MQ app to an on-premise MQ app and an on-premise stock system

On-premises software

MQ on-premise software deployment shown in a diagram linking and MQ app with long-terms release and continuous delivery to three MQ apps, one with Linux, one with Windows and one with x86

MQ on-premises software lets you run MQ on the infrastructure you already have. Such incredible flexibility means you can deploy it to multiple popular operating systems like Linux, Windows and x86. As a truly versatile tool, MQ on-premises software connects applications, systems and services spanning a variety of platforms, languages and environments. It also works with your existing applications, handling connectivity between them as well as encryption and transaction capabilities. Building applications is simpler, with changes happening in one place rather than in every application.

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IBM MQ Appliance

A powerful and efficient hardware appliance, MQ Appliance comes preoptimized with automated firmware updates to simplify maintenance and reduce the time and money it takes to get up and running. You can also use it as a messaging center to extend and simplify your efforts to reach partners and remote locations, deploying it where MQ servers are impractical or consolidating parts of your infrastructure to save data center space. The appliance’s built-in, end-to-end encryption helps ensure business continuity and can protect your data in the face of practically any size disruption.

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MQ appliance deployment shown in a diagram linking a satellite office’s hardware and MQ app to a business headquarters MQ app and hardware

IBM MQ for z/OS

MQ for z/OS deployment shown in a diagram linking z/OS and an MQ appliance to an MQ queue manager and systems of record

MQ for z/OS® combines industry-leading messaging software and industry-leading hardware into one. Deploying on z/OS gives you the powerful messaging of MQ software with the strength, security and resilience of IBM z Systems® mainframe. Putting MQ together with the z/OS platform allows for highly available, resilient and fast connectivity as well as hybrid connectivity to public and private clouds. It can create a bridge to new technologies and vendors like Apache Kafka, IBM Blockchain and Salesforce, while also establishing a powerful firewall with external environments.

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Want help deciding which deployment is best for you? Talk to an IBM expert.

Want help deciding which deployment is best for you? Talk to an IBM expert. Schedule a consultation