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IBM® Aspera® on Cloud data sheet

Explore key capabilities and features, benefits and use cases for Aspera on Cloud.

Introduction to Aspera on Cloud

See how Aspera on Cloud moves files and data sets of any size with a high level of security.

Aspera on Cloud security and compliance

Get information about security compliance for Aspera on Cloud and Aspera Transfer Service.

Business continuity

Help ensure business continuity with high-speed, remote file sharing and collaboration solutions.

Help center

Learn about new features, key concepts and more so you can get the most from Aspera on Cloud.

Certification and badges

Reinvent how credentials are used to recognize achievement and your contributions with IBM Digital Badges.

Client success stories

Aiding political communication

Comtelsat helps politicians and governments keep broadcasts timely with IBM Aspera.

Sharing content

BitCine enables film distributors to easily share content with filmmakers and festivals.

Providing a resilient data repository

BASE Media Cloud runs a global distribution portal and a storage hub with IBM Cloud® and Aspera on Cloud. 

White papers

High-speed transport

Discover the power of IBM Aspera FASP® when you need to transfer bulk data anywhere in the world.

Direct-to-cloud storage

Read how FASP delivers faster security-rich WAN transport bulk data to and from cloud storage.

Cloud services security practices

Learn how Aspera Cloud Services protects your digital content from unauthorized access.


Collaboration in a hybrid cloud world

Read how Aspera facilitates collaboration when accessing content across hybrid cloud systems is critical.

Media management in the cloud

Media companies’ increasing use of cloud storage and software services threatens to create bandwidth bottlenecks. Read how Aspera on Cloud can help.


Guided Aspera on Cloud demo

Discover how you can seamlessly access data, rapidly move files of any size and volume, and collaborate with users while tightly controlling access to your data.

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