What is B2B integration?
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What is B2B integration?

Business-to-business (B2B) integration is the automation of business processes and communication between two or more organizations. It allows them to work and trade more effectively with their customers, suppliers and business partners by automating key business processes.

What is B2B integration software?

B2B integration software provides the architecture that is needed to digitize information and quickly route it through an organization’s trading ecosystem.

What is a B2B integration platform?

A B2B integration platform helps companies integrate all their complex B2B and electronic data interchange (EDI) processes across their partner communities in a single gateway. The platform collects data from source applications, converts the data into standardized formats and then sends the documents to the business partner by using the appropriate transport protocol.

B2B integration software is available for on-premises use or integration services can be accessed through hosted cloud services.

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Why is B2B integration important?

Digitalization is pushing partner and customer expectations. Organizations find slow, inefficient and error-prone manual data process unsustainable in a digitally connected world. And every business has its own mix of systems and applications for exchanging files and messages with partners. Disparate technologies make it difficult to communicate.

To achieve goals like increased revenue, faster time to market and improved efficiencies, organizations need a successful business network—and that requires a modern B2B integration solution.1 With the right B2B tools, organizations can digitally connect and communicate quickly and reliably. This can reduce the time that it takes to get new products and services to market and help companies achieve the nimbleness and agility they need to compete.

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Key capabilities of B2B integration
Communications support

Never say no to an onboarding request. Supports security-rich internet communications protocols, including AS2, SFTP, MQ, HTTP, Connect:Direct® and others.

Application integration

Includes adapters to connect to back-end systems, including databases, SAP as well as cloud object storage with AWS S3 Client Adapter.

Translation engine

Powerful any-to-any transformation that converts documents from one format to another.

Data mapping

Enables the visualization of data fields and shows the relationships between documents.

Message tracking and reporting

Provides event management and reporting, auditing in centralized dashboards that can enable you to extend real-time activity and status information to your system administrators and your partners.


Encrypt data at rest or in motion. Robust certificate management including support of modern ciphers and algorithms.

Data validation

Applies business rules with graphical business process modeling to the information being sent to identify any errors.


Allows big files to be sent faster. Features include any-size file and message transfer.

B2B integration case studies

Supply chain company exceeds 29 million transactions in a day


Li & Fung needed to make sure that its supply chain management solution could scale to handle exponential spikes in transactions during China’s Singles’ Day sales event. The company worked with IBM Services® to test and tune its IBM Sterling® B2B Integrator solution, enabling it to process peak volumes of up to one million transactions per hour.

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