Meet the Problem Solvers

Meet the Problem Solvers

At IBM, problems inspire us to mend things. Bend things. To make things better. They dare us to solve the unsolvable.

IBM Cloud

Move from problem to solution with the flexibility of IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud delivers trusted solutions to manage all your apps and data securely, anywhere. Across all your clouds. Our open hybrid multicloud approach can help you balance agility, cost and performance to fit your business

Let’s expect more from technology across industries



Technology is changing the way we engage with sport, and how we experience it, whether that be within Tennis, Rugby or Football. However with the increase in technology comes a battle for consumer attention and sports organisation are facing fierce competition for fan loyalty. It is now imperative that sports businesses seize the capabilities of digital transformation to deliver better fan experiences and grow their audiences. But how do they do this?


Aviation for smarter business

The age of AI-powered aviation technology is here, helping airlines make flights smoother, customers happier and operations and employees more agile. It’s “all systems go” from digital ticketing to landing. IBM is working with American Airlines to become more oriented to customer needs and create heightened value for their customers. IBM is helping the airline migrate some of its critical applications to the IBM Cloud while using new methodology to create innovative applications quickly while improving the customer experience.


Automotive for smarter business

Driving is no longer just a means of travel for consumers, but more an immersive experience fuelled by the latest technology. IBM is at the forefront of this automotive technology revolution, partnering with Honda R&D to enhance the driving experience. Honda R&D is training its engineers to use advanced IBM Analytics tools, helping them collaborate to understand driver behavior, increase reliability and design a more personalised driving experience.


Transforming the banking industry with IBM Blockchain and AI.

Technology is making things work better, quicker and smarter, revolutionising how business is being done. IBM is revolutionising global trade, changing the movement of goods, documents and funds by lowering costs and reducing risks while offering greater transparency and trust.

Technology is also being used behind the scenes in suprising ways, helping with trust, getting the handle of regulatory compliance and transforming the customer call centre. Discover how the processes and frustrations of mortgage applications are being resolved. How employees are being armed with the knowledge and ability to be more productive are how banking is being shaped to the customer.

Public Sector

Public Sector for smarter business

IBM has been working closely with Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service to build an open-standard, collaborative model for business process discovery and development. Cambridgeshire integrated IBM® Blueworks Live™ with IBM Business Automation Workflow to improve deployment and efficiency rates.


Environment for smarter business

Following on from the successful Watson IoT story of warming enclosures for animals, Marwell Zoo are now working on a test with IBM called ‘Beyond the bins’. A team of fantastic IBMers worked tirelessly to develop a bin that could categorise rubbish to ensure Marwell Zoo are optimising their recycling. Marwell's new 'Smart Bins' recognise your rubbish item as you hold it up to the bin and tells you if it can or cannot be recycled. This innovation is particularly useful for tourist sites as recycling rules vary drastically from country to country. This will help reduce confusion and cross contamination, leading to higher levels of recycling in a new age of environment technology.

Freight and logistics

Shipping & Containerisation for smarter business

Consumers today expect fast, secure deliveries, but paper-based processes can burden the shipping industry. By removing inefficient practices, the supply chain can move faster, can be more trustworthy and can be more efficient.

IBM is working with transportation companies around the world to use blockchain solutions to give greater visibility into millions of container journeys each year. This helps accelerate the shipping process by eliminating paper documents.


Government for smarter business

Government leaders want to improve the lives of their citizens. Citizens want their interactions to be seamless, trustworthy and timely. Enter the digital transformation model from IBM, which helps unifies disparate systems and data streams through IoT, AI, blockchain and advanced analytics for increased cyber security.


IBM is working with Stop The Traffik (STT), a UK founded not for profit organisation set up to prevent human trafficking globally. Using an intelligence-led approach STT, with IBM, can analyse human trafficking trends and hotspots and use this information to target awareness programmes that ultimately help disrupt human trafficking.

Healthcare for smarter business

As people are living longer lives, there is an increasing demand for in-home care to help older people stay in their homes for longer. IBM is helping tackle this ever-current issue by teaming up with Karantis360 to develop a new approach that uses Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to collect data about the movements and day-to-day activities of people in care. This MedTech solution uses IBM Watson analytics and machine learning capabilities to identify and learn an individual’s typical behaviour. Using a mobile app, caregivers and family members are able to receive a more complete picture of the wellbeing of the person in care and receive alerts about changes in normal daily routine which could point to a potential problem. The system also aims to provide valuable insights to help service providers improve care and treatment plans.

IBM is helping the NHS control the logistical challenge of organ donation across the UK. Using IBM Business Process Manager and Operational Decision Manager on Cloud and Blueworks Live the NHSBT built an agile development platform for modifying allocation schemes to reflect the latest research and data.


Manufacturing for smarter business

With digital transformation disrupting traditional manufacturing processes, AI, IoT and the cloud will serve as the core foundational technologies critical for optimal plant floor operability, supply chain agility and ecosystem profitability.

Manufacturers are turning to IBM Watson to forecast and address, in real time, the bottom-line impact inclement weather has on raw material delivery and how to anticipate and address equipment failures to help minimise productivity and production losses.


Marketing for smarter business

Bitly offers a service that helps improve marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands we know, such as Disney and Nike and is leading by disruptive innovation in the marketing industry. By migrating to an IBM® Cloud™, Bitly established a highly scalable hosting platform for low-latency delivery to enterprise customers around the world. In the process, the company developed an invaluable partnership with IBM that led to collaboration on innovative new sales and marketing initiatives.


Retail for smarter business

We care more than ever about the provenance and safety of what we eat, and blockchain technology can feed us the facts we need.

Our food supply chain now is more distributed, more international and more complex than at any point in history. The supply chain has become more convoluted and harder to trace and the risks associated with its malfunction or abuse have increased.

IBM Blockchain is making the world’s food supply chain safer, more efficient and more sustainable. Through IBM Food Trust, we can improve food for all, giving consumers trust and transparency into their food, removing safety concerns.

IBM Food Trust - The Power of Provenance

Telecom and media

Telecom and media for smarter business

Digital transformation is upending telecommunications and media companies as new competitive, consumer and technological forces are changing the overall mission. Traditional thinking requires a reimagining that is business smart and future-proof.

Communications service providers and media companies are meeting these forces head-on through advanced technologies such as IoT, blockchain, cloud and AI. These solutions can be utilised to help enable the transformation of networks, personalised customer experiences and more informed operational decision-making.

IBM Garage

The IBM Garage engages diverse, empowered teams that partner with you to apply purposeful technologies to quickly create and scale new, innovative ideas that can dramatically evolve your business to its next chapter.

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IBM Developer

Built and maintained by our developers, the IBM Developer community includes tools that can help you build more efficiently, reduce time to production and share your expertise with other developers. Let's put smart to work.

IBM Developer

Built and maintained by our developers, the IBM Developer community includes tools that can help you build more efficiently, reduce time to production and share your expertise with other developers. Let's put smart to work.

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