Feature spotlights

Operations Center

Cut through data overload and slash information retrieval times by 90% with this configurable dashboard of intuitive alerts. The Operations Center can instantly assess financial impact of impending risks and disruptions, providing visibility across internal and external events affecting the supply chain lifecycle.

Resolution Rooms

Reduce disruption mitigation time from days to minutes with this online collaboration tool, aided by cognitive insights. Resolution Rooms recommend experts, source key information, and access knowledge from prior event resolution.

Ask Watson

Drive automation and collaboration in responding to disruptions with this natural language search capability. Ask Watson provides cognitive-enabled insights, recommends experts, and provides actionable advice based on learned best practices.

Open Integration Platform

Leverage the power of cognitive technology to quickly analyze and correlate vast amounts of data. The open integration platform allows rapid integration to connect and harmonize disparate data, silos and systems, to provide deep visibility and insights.

Watson Supply Chain Fast Start

Move faster towards a transparent, intelligent and predictive supply chain powered by Artificial Intelligence. In an agile workshop engagement, IBM experts will use your data and IBM Supply Chain Insights to help you build a smart supply chain.

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