Key features

IBM FlashCore technology

IBM FlashCore® provides consistent high performance, microsecond latency, enterprise-grade reliability and many cost efficiencies. This technology integrates a powerful, highly parallel architecture with industry-leading software-defined storage capabilities. FlashSystem A9000 uses IBM Variable Stripe RAID technology to maintain performance and improve reliability, without sacrificing usable capacity. IBM MicroLatency® delivers microsecond response time to accelerate critical applications.

Greater than five-nines availability

IBM FlashCore technology provides advanced flash management features such as IBM Variable Stripe RAID™, IBM-engineered error correction codes, overprovisioning, and wear leveling. Built-in IBM Spectrum Accelerate™ software provides redirect-on-write space-efficient snapshots, along with asynchronous and synchronous replication. To exceed five-nines availability, the system embeds a native implementation of IBM HyperSwap, delivering active-active data access and transparent failover, per volume.

All-flash Array High Availability Guarantee

This high-availability guarantee is designed to eliminate IBM Storage system downtime worries. When you deploy a high-availability configuration utilizing IBM HyperSwap® with IBM System Lab Services, IBM offers zero interruption to data availability protection during the guarantee period.

Flash-optimized data reduction and efficiency

IBM FlashSystem® A9000R uses pattern removal, deduplication, compression, thin provisioning and space-efficient snapshots. You gain more granular data protection without increased cost.

Grid architecture

The FlashSystem A9000R grid architecture eliminates many traditional storage management tasks and helps lower costs. It simplifies linear capacity, performance scalability, and disaster recovery. You gain greater than five-nines availability along with industry-leading data protection.

Asynchronous and Synchronous Mirroring

IBM Spectrum Accelerate™ family offers asynchronous and synchronous mirroring across offering generations, including FlashSystem A9000R, FlashSystem A9000 and XIV®, to reduce your data protection TCO and leverage your existing IBM Spectrum Accelerate family investment.

Cloud-optimized QoS features

FlashSystem A9000R enables simple, yet full-featured cloud deployments. It provides cloud-optimized QoS features, multi-tenancy support, and easy-to-execute cloud deployments. This technology integrates a powerful, highly parallel architecture with industry-leading software-defined storage. FlashSystem A9000R addresses common cloud service management challenges, such as "noisy neighbors" and highly variable workloads. It also simplifies provisioning of new customers and applications.

Data-at-rest encryption

Secure your data with industry-strength encryption using standard AES 256-bit keys, without any performance impact. Non-disruptively hot-encrypt a system in minutes. Choose either external key management with IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager or local key management.

Gain storage visibility, insight, and control

Available at no charge, cloud-based IBM Storage Insights provides a single dashboard that gives you a clear view of all your IBM block storage. You’ll be able to make better decisions by seeing trends in performance and capacity. Storage health information enables you to focus on areas needing attention and when IBM support is needed, Storage Insights simplifies uploading logs, speeds resolution with online configuration data, and provides an overview of open tickets all in one place.

IBM Storage Utility Offering

Get the ultimate in flexibility with a new way to procure data capacity with instant-on access. This offering is unique because it allows you to predict monthly data capacity costs and pay only for the capacity you need, whether your data grows or shrinks. Drive new Capex costs over to the Opex line and save on the way. No need to over purchase or lease large amounts of capacity for "just in case" needs. Simply use the data that your business needs and this offering will take care of the rest.

IBM HyperSwap

IBM FlashSystem A9000R can easily define, monitor and manage highly-available volumes. It provides non-disruptive data access through partial and complete system failures, site-disasters and various connectivity failures – in the same data center and between metro-distant data centers. You can deploy with VMware Site Recovery Manager 6.1+ to provide zero downtime disaster avoidance and planned maintenance downtime avoidance for ESXi stretch clusters.

Capacity and performance-optimized configurations

Whether you are looking to optimize capacity or performance, IBM FlashSystem A9000R is available in different configurations to meet your specific needs, including the new entry level configuration that is smaller by 50% capacity.

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Customer case study

  • Seamless migration from XIV to FlashSystem A9000 reinforces a 15+ year partnership with IBM.


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