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What versions of SMB are supported by IBM i NetServer?

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What versions of SMB are supported by IBM i NetServer?


IBM i NetServer versions up to, and including, V7R1 support SMB 1.0.
IBM i NetServer 7.2 supports SMB 1.0 and SMB 2.0 (PTFs required to add SMB 2.0 Support).
      See IBM Technical Note N1022198 'SMB2 Support for IBM i 7.2' at:
IBM i NetServer 7.3 supports SMB 1.0 and SMB 2.0 (SMB 2.0 added at 7.3 GA level).
      See IBM Technical Note N1021710 'SMB and SMB2 Support at IBM i 7.3' at:
IBM i NetServer 7.4 and later supports SMB 1.0, SMB 2.0, and SMB 3.0 (SMB 3.0 added at 7.4 GA level).
Microsoft® Documentation provides this information about the versions of SMB available for various Windows® OS versions:

1) The availability of multiple protocols allows the client PC and the IBM i NetServer to negotiate the protocol to be used at connection time.  The connection uses the highest common protocol level that both sides support.
2) Supporting a specific SMB version does not necessarily mean that NetServer supports all features of that version.  Individual features are negotiated by the client and the server at connection time.
3) SMBv3 adds support for larger read and write sizes (512 Kb) to improve performance in high latency networks.  It also adds end to end data encryption for entire client and server conversations. 
4) In order to set up encrypted connections that use SMBv3, an updated NETS menu must be used. There is no option to set share encryption in Navigator for i.  PTF SI70746 adds this new functionality, it was included with the 9304 cumulative PTF package.  After you apply the PTF, the NETS menu must be rebuilt following the instructions in this technote:  Manage IBM i NetServer without Navigator - GO NETS

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