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Test Management capability of Rational ClearQuest will no longer be available

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When will the Test Management feature of IBM Rational ClearQuest (also known as CQTM) be removed?


The Test Management feature will be removed from Rational ClearQuest in the next major Rational ClearQuest release.

You will be able to continue using this functionality as long as you remain on the Rational ClearQuest 7.x release.

If you are looking to perform test management functions, these are now available through IBM Rational Quality Manager. Rational Quality Manager is the next generation Test Management solution (set). It comes with complete data migration facilities to move your existing IBM Rational TestManager data to Rational Quality Manager.


  1. Where can I learn more about Rational Quality Manager?

    More details on Rational Quality Manager can be found on the Rational Quality Manager Support site on, Jazz.Net or on the Rational Quality Manager page on developerWorks
  2. Who can I contact regarding upgrades and evaluations?

    Contact your Rational Account Representative. Your Account Representative can be located though IBM's online contact system.

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16 June 2018