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Single Stream Continuous Delivery (SSCD) Software Support Lifecycle Policy: WebSphere Liberty

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WebSphere Liberty, a component of the WebSphere Application Server family of products, adheres to a Single Stream Continuous Deliver (SSCD) Software Support Lifecycle Policy as described below. The WebSphere Application Server traditional component continues to adhere to the Enhanced IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policy and is documented elsewhere.


WebSphere Liberty is a Continuous Delivery (CD) offering in the general sense, with  CD updates made available as often as every 4 weeks. However, Liberty does not implement the  Continuous Delivery IBM Software Support Lifecycle policy , because Liberty exists as a single code stream. For this reason, we are defining this new Support Lifecycle policy for Liberty as the Single Stream Continuous Delivery (SSCD) Software Support Lifecycle Policy. This means:
  • There are no differences in functionality between the entitlement provided by WebSphere Application Server versions V8.5.5, WAS V9.0, or any subsequent release -- they all provide entitlement to the same single code stream.
  • Differences in Liberty functionality only come from different  supported features as provided by the different WebSphere Liberty Editions (eg. Liberty Core, Liberty "Base", Liberty Network Deployment (ND), and Liberty for z/OS).
  • There will never be a "version to version" migration for Liberty, its applications or configuration. The customer is responsible for ensuring Liberty is running on a supported Java SE environment. More information is available in the description of the Liberty  zero-migration architecture .
  • The single code stream of Liberty eliminates End of Support (EOS) Announcements for Liberty, and therefore there is no need for a Support Extension on Liberty.
The SSCD Support Lifecycle Policy as applied to WebSphere Liberty has the following characteristics:
  • IBM Support is provided for any Liberty CD update that is not more than five (5) years old. If you are on a Liberty CD update that is more than five years old, you must move to a more current CD update in order to request IBM Support to investigate a problem that you report.
  • In general, fixes and new functionality will continue to be provided in  Liberty CD updates
  • A recommended fix may also be provided upon request and at IBM's discretion as an interim fix (iFix) to be applied to a recent Liberty CD update if all of the following conditions apply:
    • The fix resolves a problem that impacts ongoing production or a committed production start date.
    • There is no acceptable workaround for the problem.
    • The customer is running with an eligible Liberty CD update (see below).
  • Interim Fixes (iFixes) may be provided, upon request and at IBM's discretion, for Liberty CD updates according to the following schedule:
    • Any of the six (6) most recent Liberty CD updates. 
    • Additionally, any Liberty CD update from 2018 or earlier is eligible for two (2) years from its date of release.
    • Additionally, any Liberty CD update whose full version string ends with ".3", ".6", ".9", or ".12" is eligible for two (2) years from its date of release
    • Additionally, fixes for security vulnerabilities will be automatically created and made available for
      • The one (1) most recent Liberty CD Update
      • The two (2) most recent Liberty CD update whose full version string ends with ".3", ".6", ".9", or ".12"
  • From an IBM Support perspective, other than the "eligibility" to receive an iFix, there are no other differences between Liberty CD updates. 
  • If Liberty is being run on an operating system release that is no longer supported, or with a co-requisite or prerequisite product that is no longer supported, IBM technical support may be limited to defects that can be replicated on currently supported environments. In this situation, the  existing 'other configurations' policy continues to apply , and IBM will apply reasonable effort to support your configuration. Liberty will not be tested with co-requisite or prerequisite products that are no longer supported.

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24 July 2019