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Lifecycle Policy: WebSphere Application Server traditional

Product Lifecycle


WebSphere Application Server traditional, a component of the WebSphere Application Server family of products, continues to implement the Enhanced IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policy. There is a separate Support Lifecycle Policy for the WebSphere Liberty component that is documented elsewhere.


WebSphere Application Server traditional  continues to implement the  Enhanced IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policy . This policy incorporates the following lifecycle characteristics:

  • a minimum of five (5) full years of standard support from the date the product release was made generally available by IBM
  • the option to acquire support extensions for at least an additional three (3) years following a product’s End of Support (EOS) date for an extra charge set by IBM
  • at least 12 months notice prior to a release’s EOS date
WebSphere Application Server traditional also supports the following additional Support Lifecycle Policy characteristics:
  • IBM Support is provided for any WebSphere Application Server traditional  fix pack that is not more than five (5) years old. If you are on a WebSphere Application Server traditional fix pack that is more than five years old, you must move to a more current fix pack in order to request IBM Support to investigate a problem that you report. 
  • The continuous delivery of new function in fix packs is extending the time between major releases of the product. Therefore concurrent support for multiple product releases, i.e. "current" plus up to two previous versions as optionally defined in the  Enhanced   IBM Software Support   Lifecycle Policy , is not guaranteed. 
  • In general, fixes will continue to be provided in  WebSphere Application Server traditional fix packs . A recommended fix may also be provided upon request and at IBM's discretion as an interim fix (iFix) to be applied to the current fix pack level, before the next fix pack is available. 
  • When requested, iFixes may be provided to be applied by customers on fix packs that were made generally available up to two (2) years before the date that the fix is created, if both of the following circumstances apply:
    1. The fix resolves a problem that impacts ongoing production or a committed production start date.
    2. There is no acceptable workaround for the problem.
  • Interim Fixes for security vulnerabilities will be automatically created and made available for the latest fix pack, as well as previous (i.e. n-1) fix pack.
  • If WebSphere Application Server traditional is being run on an operating system release that is no longer within publicly documented production support by the vendor, or with a co-requisite or prerequisite product that is no longer supported, IBM technical support may be limited to defects that can be replicated on currently supported environments. In this situation, the  existing 'other configurations' policy continues to apply , and IBM will apply reasonable effort to support your configuration. WebSphere Application Server traditional will not be tested with co-requisite or prerequisite products that are no longer supported.

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Modified date:
14 April 2020