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What is an easy method to access MSD (main storage dumps)?


In order to provide an easier interface to manage MSDs, QMGTOOLS provides a set of tools to manage MSDs. If you need to send an MSD to IBM, use the following URL.

Note: The MSD toolkit requires PTF for APAR MA44729 because it provides better reliability for creating and load MSD images. Always make sure QMGTOOLS is at the latest version also. Refer to this URL to get the latest version of QMGTOOLS:


To go to the menu, it located in the Internals menu. In the following example, it is option 16. The command GO QMGTOOLS/MSDMNU is the shortcut to get to the menu.

image 11469
image 11473
image 11474

Main MSD Function (VTMMSDCMD)

Reserved for internal IBM use.

Load MSD From IFS File
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    This option loads an IFS file to the MSD manager. Information on parameters follow the screen captures.

    Function *LOAD is the function to load an MSD
    Reserved Field Internal IBM use
    The problem ticket or case number
    Allowed formats:
    ppppp,bbb,ccc / ppppp.bbb.ccc / pppppbbbccc / tsxxxxxxxxx
    IFS file The IFS file, for example /MSD/11111.111.111.VTAP.MSD001
    OS400USR/OS400PWD Sign on information to the OS. *CURRENT is selected if the tool believes it can open a virtual terminal connection without the user's credentials
    SSTUSR/SSTPWD SST credentials
    The remaining parameters are reserved for internal use

    Loading process

    1) Once the information is entered, a job is submitted. Go back to the main menu and select the option to display the status of MSD jobs.

    image 11475

    2) That menu gives a log of submitted jobs through the MSD toolkit. You have the option of A for additional information or D to delete an entry from this table.

    3) Choosing A for additional information gives more details about the job.

    4) When it is done, the MSD is loaded and indexed. A completion message is presented. An MSD ID is presented. 


Work With Copies Of MSD - Allows for copying an MSD to IFS for sending to IBM
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    The Work With Copies Of MSD option shows copies of MSDs in SST. The following screen capture is an example.

    Note : You might be prompted for SST credentials

    From here, you can choose to copy an MSD to an IFS file or delete an MSD.

    Copy MSD to IFS

    The Copy MSD to IFS option has these parameters:

    image 11476

    PMR or TS case # PMR number in form of PPPPP,BBB,CCC or case in form of TSxxxxxxxxx
    MSD ID# The MSD ID
    IFS directory to store MSD A directory to store the MSD, default is '/MSD'

    Delete MSD

    The Delete MSD deletes an MSD from the MSD manager. Once the option is selected, the following screen appears. Enter to continue or F3 to exit.

Display Status Of MSD Jobs
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    This menu option displays statuses of MSD (copy/load/split) functions used by MSD Toolkit.

    Initial Screen - The screen shows the submitted jobs and the status.

    Additional Info - Option 'A' for additional information gives more information regarding the operation. In the following example, the action was an MSD that was copied to an IFS file.

    image 11479

    image 11478

    PMR or case# PMR number in PPPPP,BBB,CCC or case in TSxxxxxxxxx
    FTP type
    *IBMSDDUU - uses the IBM Secure Diagnostic Data Upload Utility java program
    *SFTP - uses secure FTP
    *STDFTP - uses standard FTP
    *BDFTP - FTP data to Blue Diamond
    FTP user ID and password Credentials to FTP 
    IFS The IFS file to be sent

    Split MSD - (F9 option) allows the user to split the MSD into smaller chunks for easier transfer.

    Input IFS file The input file
    Output IFS prefix The output IFS file prefix since each split file has an extension like aa, ab, ac.
    Split size in GB From 2 - 10 GB.

    Note: If there are errors in the split program regarding the chosen size, the tool will use the next smaller size until there is no more errors and continue the split.

    Once the split is submitted, in the MSD Job Status screen, there should be a splitting job.

    Viewing additional information on the split job should show more information such as estimated number of files and the job status.

    image 11480

    You can choose F9 to view the files. Once the job is finish, you can choose F6 to FTP the files to the IBM.

    Note: If the FTP job ends unexpectedly, you can go back in here to FTP again. The tool will choose the next file to upload and will not start over.

Process MSD
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    The process MSD command allows for running advance macros against an MSD in the MSD manager. The output is placed in the IFS.

    MSD number - The MSD ID number in the MSD manager

    IFS directory to store data - The IFS directory to store the data, IFS directory must exist first

    AA macro 1-5 and AA macro option - Up to 5 AA macros and their perspective options can be used in the command

    End VTM session - N (leave the virtual terminal session open to be used again by this command) or Y (end the virtual terminal connection after the AA macros are executed)
    Note: If you want to end the session, do not run any AA macros and put in Y for the end VTM session parameter.


This option sends an MSD image to IBM.

View FTP To IBM Status

This option shows the statuses of FTP jobs to IBM

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