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How do I use QMGTOOLS MSD toolkit to send a Main Storage Dump (MSD) to IBM for analysis?


To obtain and install a copy of QMGTOOLS library from IBM. Follow the links below for instructions.

1. Use GO QMGTOOLS/MSDMNU to go directly to the MSD toolkit.

2. Use MSD Toolkit menu option 4. Work with copies of MSD to copy the MSD from the MSD manager to IFS.

3. Type 'C' next to the desired MSD to copy from the MSD manager to IFS

4. Use MSD Tookit menu option 5. Display Status of MSD JOBs

refresh until it shows the copy to IFS completed.

5. Then use option A=Additional Info on the job then F6 to FTP the MSD to IBM.

Note: The FTP type *IBMSDDUU is recommended to allow for automatic splitting and rejoining of the dump.

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18 December 2019