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MH01675 - Fix Pack 01EL350_176_038

PTF Cover Letter

PTF ( Program Temporary Fixes ) Cover letter

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Fix Pack 01EL350_176_038

Pre/Co-Requisite PTF / Fix List


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Application of this PTF may disable or render ineffective programs that
use system memory addresses not generated by the IBM translator,
including programs that circumvent control technology designed to limit
interactive capacity to purchased levels.  This PTF may be a prerequisite
for future PTFs.  By applying this PTF you authorize and agree to the

This PTF is subject to the terms of the 'IBM License Agreement for Machine
Code', the terms of which were provided in a printed document that was
delivered with the machine.


APAR Error Description / Circumvention

Fix Pack 01EL350_176_038

Fix Pack 01EL350_176_038


Activation Instructions


Special Instructions



For Operating System-managed systems running EL350, intermittent
issues have been seen during internal testing of the RMVPTF
operation. To avoid these problems, it is advised the following
IBM i PTF be at least temporarily applied:

V7R1M0: SLIC PTF MF58986

A server IPL may be required to activate the changes for this PTF.
A server IPL requires you to power down all the logical partitions
at the same time.  When the PTF is applied or set to be applied at
the next IPL, you will receive a message if a server IPL is required.
You can also use the Display Firmware Status (DSPFMWSTS) command to
see if a server IPL is required.

A server (system) IPL is required to activate the changes for this PTF.

Default Instructions



--------------  ------------------------------------------------------------
   MH01641      Fix Pack 01EL350_172_038
   MH01603      Fix Pack 01EL350_171_038
   MH01496      Fix Pack 01EL350_166_038
   MH01445      Fix Pack 01EL350_163_038
   MH01401      Fix Pack 01EL350_159_038
   MH01401      CPS 9C4SND: lighttpd config file changes for security vulner
   MH01401      Security fixes for nets
   MH01401      P6FIELD:NCFG has too many dhclient instances in FW350
   MH01347      Fix Pack 01EL350_149_038
   MH01323      Fix Pack 01EL350_143_038
   MH01316      Fix Pack 01EL350_132_038
   MH01316      FIELD:B200813A,BA201002 on non-HMC HV4 w/fips350
   MH01316      PFD-AUTO:  ASM cgi hang causes HTTP status code 408
   MH01294      Fix Pack 01EL350_126_038
   MH01268      System is crashing and going to terminate state when the pow
   MH01268      IPL: 500 - Internal Server Error failure when trying to acce
   MH01268      500 Internal Server Error when modifying Power On/Off settin
   MH01268      P6Field - SRCB160B73F followed by SRCB1813410 FSP dump doing
   MH01268      CU:DVT:Code update(DNAA) failed on SaturnFO - b0719a_1131.74
   MH01268      3.5.9 FW - P-side slow IPL kills HVx and MLx systems B181720
   MH01268      Fix Pack 01EL350_118_038
   MH01266      Fix Pack 01EL350_108_038
   MH01266      P6Field CCM Fails to replace SC when it is the secondary and
   MH01250      Fix Pack 01EL350_107_038
   MH01250      9119-FHA network mismatch not reported (no B1608CAB) when No
   MH01250      TPO fails to function after it is set then time is adjusted
   MH01250      Certain service processor error log entries are converted to
   MH01250      z5705V:HMC2 port being configured to a Static address instea
   MH01250      IPL intermittantly hangs on C11122000 during IPL after power
   MH01250      Maintenence Package Escape for Clock Card SRC B158C004
   MH01250      P7FIELD: Saturn multiple B15A3305 and 3303 events
   MH01245      Fix Pack 01EL350_103_038
   MH01245      DS Storage: P5IOC2 stop clocks on checkstop: Pt 2
   MH01228      Fix Pack 01EL350_085_038
   MH01228      P6 Field:Resolving B181D30B SRC
   MH01228      Fix to FW523289 to cause all Novas to be reset to fix CKE be
   MH01228      EMET:P6:ASM not showing all event logs in web gui
   MH01222      Fix Pack 01EL350_071_038
   MH01222      P6FIELD_HV: HV4 Wake on LAN fails following AC cycle
   MH01222      Check the filesystem /opt/p1 directory, if it fails commit l
   MH01222      CPS  825M55 -- HMC incomplete with Host Reset/Reloads due to
   MH01218      Fix Pack 01EL350_063_038
   MH01218      P6FIELD_FHA:  Change FRU call for L2 Fir [10] from MCM to FS
   MH01218      P6FIELD_FHA:  Make GX adapter a visible error log for Proces
   MH01218      Eclipz-H:MFG: Dublin 9119-FHA System Showing B150B745
   MH01218      Dynamic update on operator panel default screen
   MH01218      IPL: Error log cleanup B1818A1E - Reading spif/PowerState to
   MH01218      eFW3.5.1 / GA9 SP1 - ML8: Synch Red Comp fails SRC E302F843
   MH01218      p6field UTIL Unrecoverable Errors B1818A10 in P7 Blades
   MH01218      SBT720:Titan:Star:B181720D while doing OOB update from b0219
   MH01218      P6Field: B175F109 The threshold of new NVRAM errors was reac
   MH01218      Shark:IntersportAustria:B181E617 PERC/RMGR
   MH01218      MFG:  B1818A0E ipmi error on p7 blade with b0313a_1012.712 d
   MH01218      VER/P:EMET:P6:MM CPU temperature sensor data incorrect.
   MH01218      Errl is not checking the r/r bit correctly
   MH01218      CU:DVT:e46fsp7:Out band Code update E302F831
   MH01202      Fix Pack 01EL350_049_038
   MH01202      P6FIELD_FHA:  Obtain all GX traces for L2 Fir [10] events
   MH01202      HOT:GA9:Galileofp1:Dump:Missing gal2 arryas while injecting
   MH01202      DS Storage: B1811404
   MH01202      DS Storage:Otsego replace:10009102
   MH01202      Enable HOM combolibs for fips350
   MH01202      HOT:UPT:HMC cannot connect to fsp
   MH01202      P6HE:  Registry is not showing IPv6 DHCP address
   MH01202      GA9:HE:H267:Unrecoverable power SRC 11008735 during hard boo
   MH01202      Fix export lists for cecserver combolibs
   MH01202      Slot Awareness for 6GB CFFh deos not work on JS blades
   MH01202      P7: IPV6 - FSP does not report some parameters via propertie
   MH01202      SYSDUMP RejectBlock deleted when other SYSDUMP invalidated
   MH01202      ASMI-triggered Resource Dump is missing ASM IP address
   MH01202      Incorrect file checked in for 730593.
   MH01202      ipmi cores when long requests are sent to dispatcher
   MH01202      IPL: B1819520 - MBOX_SMGR_TIMED_OUT
   MH01202      PFD-AUTO:  B181843C sigabort caugnt by PERC for netscommonMs
   MH01202      Clock Test running extremely slow on IH163e in b0201a_1010.3
   MH01200      Fix Pack 01EL350_039_038abstract::Fix Pack 01EL350_039_038
   MH01193      Fix Pack 01EL350_038_038
   MH01192      Fix Pack 01EL340_101_039
   MH01192      MFG: Nova Bus CE issue on Chang processors with fips 34
   MH01182      Fix Pack 01EL340_095_039
   MH01182      P6FIELD:  Investigate SRC B1817201 to see if it's corre
   MH01182      GA8:IST:HE:H266: One eCLipz Powered I/O Frame missing d
   MH01182      STORAGE:DS8700:Caisson p/s w/ fan fault not reported
   MH01182      B121B889 error while evacuating Node B on 4 node system
   MH01182      GA8:MLx:Handle the error path when getting a power faul
   MH01182      JS12 running AIX cannot use VLAN 2
   MH01182      STORAGE:DS8700:PCIE LID (a0e00d80) with new SPCN (05)
   MH01182      3.4.3: Update ENC SE value to VPD in p1, p3 and h/w $I
   MH01182      P6 blade in BCHT not hitting LS+6
   MH01182      STORAGE:DS8700: 10009103 SRC posted after code update
   MH01182      GA7SP3: Add ENC SE/FC kwd validity check during VPD  re
   MH01182      FIELD JS22/JS12 BCM5387 Switch prevents LACP etherchann
   MH01182      NCR-SC-FVTR: SC non-concurrent repair rejected with 0x3
   MH01171      Fix Pack 01EL340_075_039
   MH01171      HOT:GA8:IST:HE:H266: UE SRC B181F105 logged and SC and
   MH01171      MFG:HOT slewing fails on new Baron firmware
   MH01171      GA8: Pull a portion of FW449900 SPCN performance change
   MH01171      FFDC:NFS mount for FW465697 in piratesfp1 $I
   MH01171      5GR: insertTcePage should not do logical to physical tr
   MH01171      Add new PRC definitions to LCS
   MH01171      5GR: AMS partitions memory oscillates when running mult
   MH01171      FST:BMW: System dropped into Incomplete - B182953C - vr
   MH01171      LIC-UNPRED Tres Lamp Test Support
   MH01171      HMCFVT-5GR : Active migration fails with error message
   MH01171      IB SMA drops MADs with a high SM transmit rate
   MH01171      CalgaryE I/O Support
   MH01171      FVTR: 0UH: LCS not properly initiating HMC asyncs for n
   MH01171      Migration: Unable to build the PFDS on target system wh
   MH01171      IB --IPL Failure with recovery timeout on 12X /O Drawer
   MH01171      FVTR:342:FX8 Migration:Concurrent inactive migrations e
   MH01171      HE, MPV: CCM-IST: H157: Error during Ranger adapter CCM
   MH01171      LIDMgr task crashes when requesting a lid during an FSP
   MH01171      FTC:P7Atlas: mainstore dumps have corrupted data
   MH01171      FVT_INT:AMS System hanged while executing FVRAS(GC1_KRE
   MH01171      HOT:0VD:FVTR:CM: Isolate PHB fails with rc = -1 after I
   MH01171      Bad PRC qualifier in SP Role message error record.
   MH01171      FTC: storage leak in PHYP GPHP general purpuse hypervis
   MH01171      5GR: MobilityTarget pages in AMS pool not handled grace
   MH01171      Concurrent phyp update activation problem
   MH01171      B700406E - hang on a warmIpl
   MH01171      GA8:IST:HE:H266: IB Cable Pull Test on T24 fails to iso
   MH01171      c869 f10 (9119-FHA) went into incomplete state and reco
   MH01171      FVTR: 5GR: Linux partition failed to suspend for migrat
   MH01171      Deactivate of bus adapters fails on the second deactiva
   MH01171      B70069E3 (McIbNonFatalHdwError) not PERM - new SRC need
   MH01171      HOT:GA8:MLx:Cadillacp01: P SYSPROC Excessive Interrupt
   MH01171      OpenFirmware ibm,os-term results in hang on partition s
   MH01171      Tres not recovering after link error
   MH01171      HE:Mason-PPHE31: T24 MTMS got rewritten from U5803 to U
   MH01171      CalgaryE memory relocation increases PHYP storage
   MH01171      Alternate MDC mode load source for new models
   MH01171      GA8:IST:HE:H266: UE B7006983 SRC logged during IPL port
   MH01171      GA8:HE:H267:Delayed show up for B&C I/O drawers on HMC
   MH01171      FFY: 5GR: Node fails to power down for hot node repair
   MH01171      Bring fixes for FW463242 and FW463268 forward to SP2
   MH01171      GA8:IH:FST:robin-ihp1: Boot device missing on the first
   MH01171      B170E540 - H116 terminates during FFY when fsp failover
   MH01171      OS400 Vpd Areas not properly processed by 3.4 phyp
   MH01171      HOT: AIX drops to KDB during activate part of hot proc
   MH01171      HOT:GA8:IH:FST:batman-ihp10: Miscompare with hxehd ; wh
   MH01171      IPL: B700F103 - Phyp TI during mem preserving
   MH01171      UPT:Live partition migrations may incorrectly abort or
   MH01171      CCM:FFY:HOT: node repair failed to power off node A in
   MH01171      GA8:FST:HE:H266: Missing T24 Drawer during Hard Bootme
   MH01171      HOT:UPT:AMS client hung on reboot
   MH01171      Partition Mobility operation takes several hours to com
   MH01171      IDE exerciser detects data anomoly during node evacuati
   MH01171      HOT:342:CCM: Partition hangs at 581 after CCM repl of McCoy
   MH01155      Fix Pack 01EL340_061_039
   MH01155      P6FIELD_HE: System failed with SRC B181C350 with no fru
   MH01155      CCM:GA7:FST:CLD:MLx: benzfp1: Got B150D15E on CCM NodeA
   MH01155      P6 FIELD: Incorrect diag on memory UE with TOD error
   MH01155      HOT: GA1SP5 system fails to power on (ML16)
   MH01155      MPV_RAS:HV8:jasminefsp:Mismatch of Core FIR bit behavio
   MH01155      IPL: power_l4 core dump - during APOR
   MH01155      LBIST fails with B130C655 when biasing ranger voltage -
   MH01155      HOT:UPT:indi gets E302F9D3 is the error code on upgrade
   MH01155      P6FIELD: SRC B1818A1E called home during code update fr
   MH01155      MFG: Script mnfgGetExtraFailData Not Giving Correct Inf
   MH01155      HE, MPV: H267: Node Evac during DCA repair with new DCA
   MH01155      P6FIELD: Incorrect identfiy LED used during CCM procedu
   MH01155      GA7: ICT: SRC B18138B9 generated during code upgrade fa
   MH01155      Chang mnfgvapi fail during AVPs SRC 11001611
   MH01155      MFG: B181D238 error while slewing on HV8 3.5Ghz Proc. d
   MH01155      AA8073 DIGITAL ELEKTRONIK JS22 EA340_039_039 boot hang
   MH01155      VVT:  phylum  error in lid 80a00001, 81e00001 for code
   MH01155      MFG:B7006956 logged on power off to fsp standby (FSP si
   MH01155      IH BPC resets cause power save to nominal race conditio
   MH01155      P6FIELD_HE:  SRC B181E6ED calls out FSPSP04 and FSPSP06
   MH01155      IPL: B181E911 - frumd coredump
   MH01155      change healthmon to not check NC flash
   MH01155      P6FIELD: CCM: managing defered GX inits
   MH01155      P6FIELD: segfault in dumpHW path
   MH01155      P6FIELD: CCM-PE: Coke recreate fails during single fru
   MH01155      Add SiblingState check to mchchar initializations $I
   MH01155      New AP table for Nozomi pass 4 parts
   MH01155      libcimp*.so files grew without any changes in the cimp
   MH01155      Kaiser Issue: Fix HVAT truncation
   MH01155      CCM:FVTR:  Primary SC ResetReload during GX+ Add FruIPL
   MH01155      CCM:FVTR: Disruptive CU followed by CCM has issues
   MH01155      CCM hot repair fails at "do gard" during fru level acti
   MH01155      HOT: CCM-FVTR: 341: B150B917 on b0306a_0901.340 - Chic
   MH01155      HOT: CCM: 341: FVTR: do gard failure during fru level a
   MH01155      HOT: CCM-341R: Single fru vpd collections fails due to
   MH01155      Module table concurrent code update fix
   MH01155      b0321a_0901.340 Problem - Hot Node Add - SRC B1818A1E P
   MH01155      5GR - AMS PHYP/OS ballooning causes partitions to memor
   MH01155      UPT:tarpan01:hmc-aggie fails to manage HCA after GFW up
   MH01155      3 Node Cluster hits IDE errors and crash
   MH01155      CalgaryE cable plug fails to init Galaxy2 bus walk
   MH01155      HCA Delayed Ack wont clear
   MH01155      HOT:GA7:IH:FST:nightwing-ihp1:Parallel execution error
   MH01155      HOT:GA7:FST:CLD:MLx:fitfp1: extended dump trial unexpec
   MH01155      CCM-FFY: XM is IPLing removed hubs during System Level
   MH01155      CCM-FFY: PHYP Quiesced with Incorrect Timeout During Re
   MH01155      ICT: LPM active migration hung >12hrs following cMSP li
   MH01155      ICT: LPM Src MSP always posts ABORT errpt when LPM'ing
   MH01155      CCM-FFY: Restart fails after failure during system leve
   MH01155      HOT:FX8:LPM:UPT:System goes to Incomplete  during inact
   MH01155      Increase IVM minimum memory, don't remove from IVM part
   MH01155      phyp returning error status 0xEC during dump retrieval
   MH01155      HCA Free Resource EQ Interrupt Level Incorrect State Ch
   MH01155      INCURROUT - Error handling of hidden h-calls is not cor
   MH01155      UPT:ML8 system sitting in incomplete state - No close V
   MH01155      FVT: 5GR: h_prod is lost when a thread is blocked on a
   MH01155      Change B7006991 to perm from info for FSP-1
   MH01155      INCURROUT - Migrations fail with Invalid ID return code
   MH01155      CalgaryE-Galaxy2 port does not train to state active af
   MH01155      SRC-B182E500 Invalid address when applying configuratio
   MH01155      DLPAR memory remove may fail resulting in lost memory f
   MH01155      DLPAR does not work after some concurrent maintenance p
   MH01155      Node CCIN check needed for Concurrent Node Add/Repair
   MH01155      LIC-INCORROUT SYNERGY HV4 requires full 5250
   MH01155      DLPAR remove memory operation fails intermittently on i
   MH01155      HOT:CU:DVT:ObservedUE B7006986 on MLx+ during Removeand
   MH01155      MSG-CPF9E7F/CPF9E2D/CPF9E5E with IBM i license key
   MH01155      putTce may cause unpredicable results during memory rel
   MH01155      IB -- Power cycling 12XI/O Drawer fails to come up
   MH01155      Re-Initialization After Galaxy2 Reset/Reload Not Cleari
   MH01155      P6_Field: Partition Mobility failure causes partition c
   MH01155      System dump during Hot Proc Card repair with HEA device
   MH01155      HOT:341:CCM HE, MPV: CCM: JEMT: Unable to DLPAR newly r
   MH01155      CCM:341:PHYP stopped responding during IBMi Platform du
   MH01155      CCM: PHYP hung during during node evac test
   MH01136      Fix Pack 01EL340_039_039
   MH01117      GA5:FST:CLD:bentleyfp1: PE B181EF88 in Slow IPL
   MH01117      HV8-ODC:Shimlafp1:System in "Incomplete" state when add
   MH01117      GA3SP2: B181E630 reported while GA1SP1->GA3SP2
   MH01117      IH: Balm:  Rings missing for p2 c0 in SH dump
   MH01117      PRD simulator changes
   MH01117      P6_Field:  eMLx system crashed during runtime & posted SRC B
   MH01117      IPL: Slave FSP didn't get psi link assigned
   MH01117      latest js22 scripts no longer work through UX/MCP insta
   MH01117      P6 L2 Cache UE's not writing an entry into the line del
   MH01117      GA5: FST:  HMC went to incomplete while FW update.
   MH01117      P6_Field:  /tmp contents not gathered with FSPDUMP
   MH01117      Fix Pack 01EL320_083_045
   MH01117      MPV: Harbug (TOD_OSC0_OUT_R to GND) on HV8 machine syst
   MH01117      P6FIELD_FHA:  Bloomberg system crashed and should have
   MH01117      Implement changes to allow second non-mem presv re-ipl
   MH01117      Unsupported svpdMFGtool option used by mnfgclean -acvpd
   MH01117      D200B077 - Partition Shutdown Hangs
   MH01117      iFST:  B60069D9 error logs surfaced by HEA on RCHASTMN
   MH01117      Tower resources either Unknown or Occupied status after
   MH01117      GA5:IH:FST:manhunter: SRC:A181D000 is recorded when I i
   MH01117      HEA:  Missing Interrupt Handler Incorrectly Handling EQ
   MH01117      MPV: IH 154: sunfire: Processor APR did not recover cor
   MH01117      HOT:UPT:HE:LPM: DSI in pagerEndCopy during J2 stress te
   MH01117      FST:GA5:IH:Joker:Lost IO on IPL and B7006981 and B70069
   MH01117      Phyp usable lmb count greater than target after node ad
   MH01117      System Level Activate Does Not Complete
   MH01117      HDW CIRC - Apply "cortina" circumvention to all P5IOC2/
   MH01117      INCORROUT IB B170E560 during Memory Region allocation
   MH01117      INCORROUT IB B700F103 During HCA Free Resource
   MH01117      CCM-FFY: system checkstops post repair due to processor
   MH01117      Hardware Circumvention:  Galaxy1 RC QP Checkstop Workaround
   MH01117      Migration fails to complete if processors were removed prior
   MH01117      pPET: HMC lost access to LPARs - Vio locking issue
   MH01117      HEA Lport Config Result in SRC B700F103
   MH01107      Fix Pack 01EL320_076_045
   MH01107      HOT:GA5: FST:  i5OS enable/disable functions not working
   MH01107      GA3SP2: Erractic, unintuitive behavior when setting power on
   MH01107      P6: Field: svpdcmd core (Reference 661240) $I
   MH01107      MPV: MLx mpvcom2fsp1: After p server update boot is
   MH01107      P6_Field: All LPAR's on 2 9117-MMA's unresponsive after HMC
   MH01107      HOT:GA3SP3:Upgrade Failed from GA1SP1 to GA3SP3 with SRC
   MH01107      PFW lid data not updated on concurrent activate change
   MH01107      Change required for PHYP to detect activated PFW level
   MH01107      Hardware Circumvention - page migration sequence doesn't
   MH01107      RFSP Client/Server message being sent w/o RFSP op indicator
   MH01107      HOT:HV4:Galilofp1:HMC less FW updated failed(Inband) form
   MH01098      Fix Pack 01EL320_061_031
   MH01098      RFSP-BUP: Pri SC Reset Reloads due to   infinite recursion
   MH01098      Coredump in svpdml2 $I
   MH01098      IPL: sig:11 in cecserver
   MH01098      IPL: H12: Both fsps are showing as slaves
   MH01098      Fix rootfs.db to pull webs from
   MH01098      Add register 5551A0 to TPMD FFDC.
   MH01098      Allow "Expanded Gard Node Policy" for admin in 3.2.2
   MH01098      HOT:GA3:FST: Factory Configuration option in ASM did not
   MH01098      CCM:Wrong slot location provided in message when no slot
   MH01098      IPL: H04: B170E560 - P6(n0p0) (L2NChipFir[30]) L2f2ctl
   MH01098      CCM-FVT-NODE:  HMC does not get SRC progress codes after
   MH01098      FVT: eCLipz_HE: bad SYSDUMP in FW175687, unable to debug
   MH01098      CCM-NODE:  oppanel not reactivated on node A repair
   MH01098      RFSP_FVT: Backup SC loses/restores comm with a node at
   MH01098      CCM: Turn off FSP NC repair in suport capabilities
   MH01098      Update IPLP reg for Synergy brand during system VPD step $I
   MH01098      CCM-FVT-Node : Retry of CM operation fails at  80% of the
   MH01098      Update "svpd/Raw_RB" with dflt val for non-Synergy brands $I
   MH01098      TCF - simics fireworks support needed
   MH01098      TCF - FFDC data not collected on unexpected reset errors in
   MH01098      System dumps no longer retaining cache contents
   MH01098      Synergy: Event change from  EVEN_ID_REG_IPLP_SYS_PHYP_SET_DE
   MH01098      Fix SVPD SRC A430 during code update path $I
   MH01098      GA5:CCM: marino - Node add with bad smp causes checkstop
   MH01098      CCM-ML-Node: ASM do not to allow op panel install on other
   MH01098      Gard fix for callouts containing CCM parts
   MH01098      MFG HOT: Converged eClipz MMA - enclosure info on ethernet
   MH01098      Setting of IPL speed is reversed via Panel
   MH01098      Errors reported while doing slow IPL (T-side)
   MH01098      Fix fips322 build
   MH01098      Fix tarball errors in fips322 release
   MH01098      MPV : Fabric and Processor clock not deconfigured after
   MH01098      IPL: Unable to eflash using new fips322
   MH01098      322 Only: Fix for memory leak $I
   MH01098      CCM-Node: Support Node Add while in Power Save
   MH01098      CCM-Gx: move asicIap into critical section
   MH01098      CCM-Node: PrdStartScrub not called during CCM IPL
   MH01098      HV4:FST: Redsoxfp1:Unrecoverable Error: SRC-B181845E during
   MH01098      H140 ( 8 node ) : FRUMD cores during Node Outage $I
   MH01098      TCF -  simics user checkpoints need to be moved to GSA
   MH01098      System hang at C10090B8
   MH01098      MPV OSC: Injected PWR_ON_CB on Clock card get wrong Iso Proc
   MH01098      VPD Hiding Terminating FSP ipling
   MH01098      GA5:ML:Cadillacfp1: Error SRC's during R/R while fsp ipl
   MH01098      GA5:bmw: 512MB & 4GB dimms deconfigured - SRC B123C01C
   MH01098      HOT:GA3:HV4:VRM PgoodFault during disruptive FW  upgrade
   MH01098      HW WA: Must deconfig processor cores in multi-node (fabric)
   MH01098      FVTR:ASM:Enabling 'Deconfigure on L2 failure' unsuccessfull
   MH01098      Voltage adjust failure in MLx can power off all nodes
   MH01098      frumd cores while processing an unrecovered fsi error $I
   MH01098      FVTR:ASM:RIO/HSL Adapter Slot Reservation not sucessfull
   MH01098      CCM-BU-HE : SRC B150B716 - Chic API failure trying to
   MH01098      ASIC cfam init IPL time increase on HV4
   MH01098      FVTR:CCM-NODE: bad smp cable causes checkstop
   MH01098      HOT:FST:eClipzHE:ShaqH146: B181EF88 on slow IPLs; FSP dumps
   MH01098      3.2.2 FVTr: Power measurments inaccurate on HV4 / HV8 $I
   MH01098      Additional ASM changes to support memory tag steering
   MH01098      MPV - Steer shows the wrong DQ
   MH01098      PRD: Invalid register "FIRCAP" in Enterprise chip code.
   MH01098      ATTN should not add tracing to PRD created error logs.
   MH01098      NEBS temperature calculation problem
   MH01098      GA5:FST:MLx ASM does not accept brand S0
   MH01098      MPV OSC:  PWR_ON_CB inject on clock C3 during IPL leaves
   MH01098      HOT:GA5:FST:MLx:astonfp1: aston is in error state with
   MH01098      CINI TOD  seg fault when trying to CCM operation after tod
   MH01098      HOT: GA3SP2: 11006121 fault during CFM upgrade from GA3GOLD
   MH01098      Sekiwake-ih:IST:B700F105 in HvIbHeaNotifyEQ during dlpar
   MH01098      IB SMA doesn't support LMC for switch management port 0
   MH01098      Allow an i5/OS partition to go from bootable to non-bootable
   MH01098      Double spinlock aquired on error path
   MH01098      HOT:HV4:FST:Galileo:Remote I/O and Bridge Unrecoverable
   MH01098      HV8:ganges: 18-24  B7005300 info srcs being logged on every
   MH01098      GA5:IH:FST:robin: when power on partition, appears to lose
   MH01098      MFG: B181D138 (B700F103) errors on pMMA L4 eClipz
   MH01098      HW Circumvention Calgary -IB cable pull/plug causes AIX
   MH01098      HOT:GA3_FST:Expressfp1:Partition hangs after Sundance IB
   MH01098      HW Circumvention - SDIB: Workaround for IB Link Glitch
   MH01098      Error 500: when connecting to IVM via Firefox
   MH01098      HOT: Hardware Workaround: Linux error inject of duplicate
   MH01098      HEA: Incorrect MAC Addresses Returned to HMC
   MH01098      HV4:Voyagerfp1:GA3-FST:UE   B7006985, occured while IPLing
   MH01098      HOT:HV4:FST-GA3:Galileop01:Illegal Trap Instruction
   MH01098      FST:GA5:MLx:CCM:Unable to configure HEA ports after Node ADD
   MH01098      CCM-FFY: B700F103 due to unsyncronized timebases on re
   MH01098      HCA/HEA Dlpar operation can result in event queue failure
   MH01098      Hardware workaround: Correct smart chip storage mis-storage
   MH01098      LAN console not working after 520 to M25 upgrade
   MH01094      Fix Pack 01EL320_040_031
   MH01094      Need Fabric Bus Symbolic FRU callout for Runtime detected ab
   MH01094      Spreadspec check overrunning array bounds
   MH01094      SP; JS22; MM not reporting temperature values
   MH01094      PRD simulator changes.
   MH01094      GA2_RFSP : Dump initiated with RFSP disabled is effecting on
   MH01094      OOM: Memory leak in PRD
   MH01094      IPL: SIMICs  HV4 : A1003000  during Post dump IPL, slow
   MH01094      HOT :CCM-FVT-Node : HMC/R&V timeout during NodeC repair
   MH01094      Blade Max Power #defines not big enough -- overflows on AME
   MH01094      Add nosync flag to utilfile write and SyncWrite
   MH01094      HV4 duplicate UID
   MH01094      [eIH]FSP1 Error LED on Azusa always lit
   MH01094      ASM IH : The RIO/HSL Adapter Slot Reservation menu on the IH
   MH01094      HOT:GA3:FST:CLD: CM Exchange FRU fail-DMA with PHYP &
   MH01094      IPL: cecserver core dump durring Extract Exit Error
   MH01094      SLB redundant entry active (Mark Bit Clear)
   MH01094      MLXGA3: FSP won't boot after eFW3.2 > eFW3.1 code load
   MH01094      No page garding on ranks with scrub THE and RBS unavailable
   MH01094      MFG: FSP fails to ping on first test cycle
   MH01094      Fix SVPD issue related to dupe FSP(SC) SN values on MLx/HE
   MH01094      HOT MPV: FSP modem not hang up after the first call home
   MH01094      HOT: CCM-FVT-NODE: HMC Time out Error on NodeB Repair for
   MH01094      HOT:  Blade/JS22:  Power button is not functioning with
   MH01094      start_simics fix for new pool environment
   MH01094      Recollection: Removal of 0x501 children. $I
   MH01094      new ap table for hv4 and hv8 for service pack 1
   MH01094      Cannavaro throws a "Power/thermal error" when turned off/on
   MH01094      H112: Processor Chip Cache failure at MCM S.No YA393X881436
   MH01094      IPL: B1813834 : FRUM_ERC_DUPLICATE_REMOVE_EVENT as soft SRC
   MH01094      SP;JS22;  OS detected fault on boot
   MH01094      TMGT returning 0 for min power cap
   MH01094      MFG: P6Blade error log dropped data for making chip call
   MH01094      Add ledscommandline -R to Hyperboot transition file
   MH01094      MFGFA-IH  Wrong Wiretest Net called out on Processor Chip 14
   MH01094      IH fsp-147 system missing an L2Cache repair
   MH01094      DELETE_LID fails on eClipz firmware with B1813014
   MH01094      HOT:preIST:HE:H146:Primary FSP is not coming up after the
   MH01094      HV4 VRM Ids have changed for new
   MH01094      Changes requested for fan ramps to meet thermal and acoustic
   MH01094      memory leak in ledsActivateFaultIndicators
   MH01094      IPL: svpdm12 coredumping on L4 / MLx systems with new 340
   MH01094      Initfile change to P5IOC2 for defect FW183877 workaround
   MH01094      cupd - need semaphore to synchronize WriteLid completion
   MH01094      HOT:MFG: pSeries HV8 with Nozomi PN 07P6907 failing for
   MH01094      Add IPL from FLD 369 patch 29 on top of FLD 369 patch 21
   MH01094      MFG:HOT: eflash fails on 3.2.1 driver ( b0214a_0806.320 ) in
   MH01094      MFG : fails on vsp command vsp -ipl -id 1  - Unable to
   MH01094      H_HARDWARE returned from H_MIGRATE_DMA when it was actually
   MH01094      LIC-INCORROUT Partiiton performance extremely slow
   MH01094      Firmware capability bit checking not complete
   MH01094      New MFG system does not IPL: NVRAM pointer to loadsource
   MH01094      set address compare is missing a sync prior to the tlbie
   MH01094      HOT: UPT: LPM: hina13c1 hangs doing both LPM & Dlpar memory
   MH01094      IPoIB adapter stops pinging on both links
   MH01094      INCORROUT Shared Memory Region Incorrectly Allocated
   MH01094      UPT:JS22:hina13 System crashed with F105 bad address
   MH01094      INCORROUT MLx failure with IB HCA Adapter tests
   MH01094      After switchover, switchable towers do not have SST/PHYP
   MH01094      Unlock of spinlock missing in page migration error path
   MH01094      P6FIELD_HMC: Problem deploying sysplan with HEA MCS value
   MH01094      HCA/HEA Memory Region access can result in Null Pointer
   MH01094      9117-MMA Systems Hang During System Boot w / C700406E
   MH01094      UPT:hina11:Log dump file error
   MH01094      HV8 fails to IPL-hangs  during HTX  IPL--then goes to Kernel
   MH01094      HSL 12x IO drawer Error Recovery Fixes
   MH01094      HOT:GA3:FST:HV8:Souravfp1:  B1813108 srcs posted  during
   MH01094      HOT:UPT:System Unable ping and telnet
   MH01094      MPV: HTML page error ocurred while performing service action
   MH01094      System goes to RECOVERY status.
   MH01094      CCM-FVT-Node:After CCM node add, getvpdall is missing
   MH01094      Stack overflow in IoHriMacVerifier
   MH01094      Dual maintenance for v3r2m0f.phyp
   MH01094      CCM-FVT-NODE: lcsnm getvpdall  shows loss of vpd data  after
   MH01094      GX-CCM-FVT-HE: HOT - HMC incomplete after attempt fsp
   MH01094      LPM: Page send rate too aggresive, blocks demand page
   MH01094      CCM-NoDE: Node Add fail with incomplete with driver b1106a -
   MH01094      Phyp RIO loop checks aren't accurate in Sundance IB case
   MH01094      HOT:UPT:UPT: spirit01: system hung
   MH01094      CCM-FVT-NODE: Concurrent Node Repair of p5ioc2 node fails
   MH01094      LIC-INCORROUT HV8:FST:kyojinfp1:Unable to recover parition
   MH01094      RFSP-FVT: PSI hosting Primary NC R/R . Failover completed.
   MH01094      Incorrect component ID used for space allocation tracking
   MH01094      Missing slots in Bonnie and Clyde drawer after splitting
   MH01094      Setting OptiConnect redundantly fails on PureVirtualIO
   MH01094      LIC_INCORROUT - IB link down cannot ping.
   MH01094      HV8:FST:rakutenfp1: B170E560 occured and parition got down
   MH01094      Port labels missing in hardware topology screen for IB
   MH01094      Large number of towers may cause system to go into
   MH01094      Hardware initialization change - do not disable low power
   MH01094      LIC-SRCB700697C Abnormal System Termination
   MH01094      VIOS partition hangs due to LongBusy1Msec return code during
   MH01094      IPL-SRCB7001732 on System i HV4 platforms terminates boot
   MH01094      Configuration changes required
   MH01061      Fix Pack 01EL320_031_031

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