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Ordering PTFs - Available ordering options

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Ordering PTFs - Available ordering options


IBM offers multiple ways for you to download or order PTFs. The various methods are listed below to help you find the best method to meet your business requirements.

Fix Central - Registration required

Fix Central allows you to search, select, order, and download fixes to your system with a choice of delivery options. Fixes provide changes to your software, Licensed Internal Code, or machine code that fix known problems, add new function, and keep your system or Hardware Management Console operating efficiently. With Fix Central, you can also use the customized ordering options to receive only those fixes that your system currently needs.

Electronic Customer Care (ECS)

ECS facilitates automatic problem analysis and electronic downloads of PTFs. Clients can also utilize this facility to request preventative fixes on media. ECS is available on a 24 hour basis and may require an IBM Maintenance Agreement if ordering microcode PTFs.

Details about the Universal Connection for ECS, including configuration scenarios and troubleshooting, is available from IBM Redbooks.

Additional information:

To access ECS, use one of the following telephone numbers:

Ordering fixes on media using the Internet - Clients with SWMA

When ordering fixes on media using the Internet, you must have a Software Maintenance Agreement (SWMA) for a System i and be registered to use the Internet facility.

This facility from IBM allows you to select, order and download PTFs using the Internet. Requires an IBM user ID and password.

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Supported Products List

Browse supported IBM i, i5/OS and OS/400 releases for End of Support date information for each software release.

The global Supported Products List (SPL) includes all software products supported by IBM via Support Line. Changes are made periodically to reflect new products added and products no longer supported.


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