IBM Data & AI Expert Labs Development Services

IBM Data & AI Expert Labs Development Services

Derive more value from every user interaction with Analytics by using customization and automation.

WHAT'S NEW: Cognos Toolkit GitHub Integration Enables Cognos Authors & Admins ability to push Dashboard JSON, Report XML, and other specifications to GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. For more information and to watch a video click here.

Developer Services

Partner with IBM Analytics APIs experts to design and deliver custom business solutions: involved all the way from architecture discussion to technical review and activities in a developer to developer model. Share proven methods and guidance, samples, or offer a complete solution for specific or generic business case.

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Cognos Toolkit

A set of tools to inventory, maintain IBM Cognos Analytics environment and automate administrative tasks to facilitate upgrades or movement to cloud.

Security Solutions

Integration between various security sources and systems, Single Signon solutions, implementation of custom security based standard protocols like SAML, OpenID Connect and Web Services / Databases.

Cognos Extensions

Customization of product UI to align with customer's design; Extended functionality; Integration with open source technologies; Custom visualizations; Restrict or expand user's capabilities.

Resources & Tools

Integrate applications across products and platforms to satisfy business needs; Development of product add-ons and extensions to provide rich user experience and automation for repetitive resource intensive tasks.

GDPR Readiness

Achieve & Maintain GDPR compliance through solutions for removal and obfuscation capabilities from IBM Analytics products, related to personal data.

CLoud Pak for Data or Cloud Migration

Mitigate risks with solutions facilitating migration of content and settings from existing to target environments. Supplement missing functionality with alternative solutions.