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Stale NFS File Handle errors from Solaris 10 or HP-UX NFS clients



This technote discusses why the error, mvfs: Error: open: cleartext changed!, is reported in the MVFS (MultiVersion File System) log on the view server when using IBM® Rational® ClearCase® on Solaris® 10 or HP-UX NFS clients.


Stale NFS File Handle errors are occurring from Solaris 10 or HP-UX NFS clients (including ClearCase servers if they use NFS to mount ClearCase data, such as from a NAS) when using Rational ClearCase.

The mvfs_log file on the view server host has errors like:

444e490e mvfs: Error: open: cleartext changed!


NFS version 4, which is the default on Solaris 10, is not working correctly with ClearCase.

Note: The use of NFS version 4 may also impact the performance of various ClearCase operations.

Resolving The Problem


    ClearCase versions, and now support NFSv4 for AUTH_SYS on either the Solaris or HP-UX platforms. The supported versions need to be installed on the server and clients.

WORKAROUNDS (if the versions listed in the solution above cannot be applied):

    1. On Solaris 10 NFS clients (including ClearCase servers if they use NFS to mount ClearCase data, such as from a NAS) change the NFS version to 3 by setting "NFS_CLIENT_VERSMAX=3" in the /etc/default/nfs file.

    2. Kill any running vob_server process for the affected VOB as follows:

    1. cleartool umount /vob-tag from the client
    2. cleartool umount /vob-tag from the VOB server, if necessary
    3. kill the vob_server process running on the VOB server
    4. cleartool mount /vob-tag from the client

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16 June 2018