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Support policy statement for Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Mod Packs, Fix Packs, Special Builds, and IBM Accelerated Value Program

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This document describes the role and purpose of Db2 Mod Packs, Fix Packs, Special Builds, and the IBM Accelerated Value Program.


IBM® does not warrant that our products are defect free. However, we do endeavor to fix them or develop a bypass or workaround to work as designed.

Db2® Mod and Fix Packs
Db2 Database for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows® software maintenance is provided to customers who have purchased products under the Passport Advantage® (PA) program. Db2 Mod Packs and Fix Packs are the primary maintenance delivery vehicles for Db2 database products and are released on a periodic basis. They follow the IBM Maintenance Delivery Vehicle standard four part product signature numbering scheme. Mod Packs are used to indicate new significant features and also contain fixes for known defects. Fix Packs contain fixes for known defects.
Mod Packs and Fix Packs have successfully passed IBM's extensive quality assurance before being made available for download. They are also cumulative: the latest Mod Pack and Fix Pack for a given release includes all previously delivered fixes for that release.

Although IBM recommends that customers maintain their Db2 database system environments at the latest Mod Pack or Fix Pack level, you do not have to apply the latest Mod Pack or Fix Pack in order to contact IBM Db2 technical support. All that is required is that your Passport Advantage Software Maintenance agreement is current. However, if it is determined that you have encountered a known problem that is addressed in a released Mod Pack or Fix Pack, the solution is to apply the appropriate Mod Pack or Fix Pack. IBM retrofits only new fixes into an earlier Mod Pack or Fix Pack on an exception basis.

Db2 Special Builds
You might encounter a new problem that is not yet fixed in a Mod Pack or Fix Pack. In this case, IBM Db2 technical support will first try to provide you with a bypass or workaround for the problem until the fix is delivered in the next available Mod Pack or Fix Pack. If no bypass or workaround is available and you cannot wait until the next Mod Pack or Fix Pack is released because the problem is having a critical impact on your business, IBM Db2 technical support might be able to provide a special build. A special build is a temporary, emergency fix designed to bridge the environment until the next Mod Pack or Fix Pack is released.
Db2 special builds are intended to be used for a limited time and are typically supported for a maximum of 90 days after the Mod Pack or Fix Pack containing the special build fix is officially released. Special builds are not provided for defects that are already fixed in a released Mod Pack or Fix Pack. Since v11.5.4, IBM maintains code stream for special builds and performs extensive quality assurance on it. This means special builds are always built in cumulative manner based on the latest Fix Pack for the current Mod Pack or the one earlier 1. This practice ensures much improved quality in special builds, compared to previous releases.
If you require a more personalized and proactive support engagement, you should consider the IBM Accelerated Value Program described below.
1Effective December 2021, as new Mod or Fix Packs are released, special builds are built on the latest two Mod Pack code streams.
Additional Offering: IBM Accelerated Value Program
The IBM Accelerated Value Program is designed for the needs of IBM customers who require a more personalized, custom approach to support than that available through standard support or MLC subscription. In this service, IBM pairs your department or organization with assigned experts to serve as your focal point for support services. The Accelerated Value team works with you to become familiar with your specific environment, the skill levels of your support staff, your status/reporting needs, and other factors that influence your support experience, then works with you to establish a communication and reporting structures that fit with how you do business. Through proactive support, the Accelerated Value team helps you plan for ways to avoid encountering known product issues, and through skill sharing they help your organization enhance their skills in using IBM software.

For more information on IBM Accelerated Value Program, contact IBM via email at [email protected].

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