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Cognos Security Replication

IBM Cognos Security Replication

Switch Authentication sources in Cognos BI or Cognos Analytics with a click of a button!


probability of human error


effort reduction

Technical challenge

Some of the significant challenges that occur when a move to a new Authentication Source is required include:

  1. The Unique Security Object ID (CAMID) for Account, Role, Group is tied to the namespace configuration

  2. Change in Configuration introduces inconsistency in the Security setup in the Cognos Content Store

  3. The task of converting to the new authentication source is not trivial

Automated Solution

  • Replicate User Profiles, Content, Preferences, Notifications, Distribution Lists, Contact Information
  • Add/Replace Membership of Groups and Roles in Cognos Namespace
  • Add/Replace Capabilities in Cognos Content Store
  • Update permissions to all objects in the Content Store
  • Update Ownership of all objects in the Content Store
  • Update ScheduledBy properties of Schedules and Jobs
  • Update Burst keys
  • Update Security in Framework Manager Models and Packages
  • Update security in Power Cubes, TM1, IBM Cognos Planning, IBM Cognos Metrics or other applications that need to be migration.
  • Groups and Roles names can me mapped to different names
  • User accounts are matched by different properties - userID, email, osSignon, basicSignon, using external mapping
  • Any supported namespace source and target are supported, regardless of the Authentication provider (AD, AccessManager, LDAP, Custom Security Providers, OpenID Connect, etc.)