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IBM Maas360 Upgrade of Communication technology in Cloud Extender and POSSIBLE CUSTOMER IMPACT



The MaaS360 communication technology used between Cloud Extender and MaaS360 server is being upgraded. This change offers several advantages, including improved performance, security, and enhanced service quality. PLEASE REVIEW FOR POSSIBLE IMPACT TO SERVICE!


The MaaS360 communication technology used between Cloud Extender(CE) and MaaS360 server is being upgraded for better performance, scalability & enhanced security. Maas360 has made this tech upgrade available effective CE version 3.000.700 (Q1 2024). All the customers that use Cloud Extender need to upgrade to this new technology mandatorily before July 31, 2024. This document serves as notification for customers to proactively plan for this transition.
The IBM MaaS360 Cloud Extender version 3.000.700 is supported only on Windows Server 2016 or higher, because Windows 2012 is End-of-Life(EOL) in October 2023. Hence, the customers need to upgrade their CE servers to Windows Server 2016 or higher as a pre-requisite, before transitioning to CE version 3.000.700.  
If servers are not upgraded to Windows Server version 2016 or later, along with CE version 3.000.700 by July 31, 2024, the existing installations of the Cloud Extender agent WILL STOP communicating to MaaS360 platform and hence will STOP working.
Action Required:
Customers must review their current Cloud Extender installations and plan their upgrade of CE servers to Windows Server version 2016 or later & CE version 3.000.700 before July 31, 2024. Please refer to this link for details of the prerequisites and the steps for upgrading the Cloud Extender.

The upgrade has two parts:

  1. Ensure the server where the MaaS360 Cloud Extender is installed is on Windows Server version 2016 or later.
  2. MaaS360 Cloud Extender Core Agent, Base Module, Realtime Action Module and MaaS360 Configuration Utility are upgraded to version 3.000.700 or greater. 

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Modified date:
27 June 2024