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Is there a one stop shop for all QRadar support needs?
Whether you’re an experienced QRadar Administrator or new to the product. You can find new cutting-edge information, frequently asked questions, and education on our 101 site. On the 101 site, you find the best means of searching: technote content, APARs, and other needs to make your QRadar environment run smoothly. This site brings valuable information that your team needs to know about. 
  1. Latest solutions your team needs to know
  2. Install and upgrade like a pro
  3. QRadar Admin resources
  4. Further your QRadar administrative skills


Introducing our QRadar 101 support site for all your product needs. Add QRadar 101 to your bookmarks, and send this article to your co-workers so they can administer like a pro.
  1. Latest solutions your team needs to know

    Whether your favorite search engine changed, or your search engine algorithm is different, your expected search results no longer return the information you expect. Use our technote search engine in Technical Notes 101 to effectively find solutions to your issues:
    Not sure how your system health is, think it's not running as smooth, or perhaps you inherited the system. Search our most suggested and viewed technotes for common issues to help you resolve issues you didn’t know you were hitting, under Support Top Technotes:
    Does your team have questions, information, or frequent procedures that are not documented, suggest your teams idea to be documented.  Perhaps your team would like to suggest a new feature or product change to meet business needs. 
  2. Install and upgrade like a pro

    Although we don’t provide a complete revision history of exact file changes, you can search our existing and past defects, as well as changes in our software, for each version. You can also use the defect, and changes list, what's new information, as a source during upgrade planning:
    • What issues will I have after I upgrade?
      You can use the Filter by resolved drop-down menu to select the version of interest. Resulting in a list that applies to that version.
    • Of the existing defects, which would be critical to your team? 
      Review the Description for information to indicate whether you would be affected.
    • Which defects use features or components that your team is not using?
      Sort by Component to see which defects are in a component not used by your team.
    • Which defects are not critical to your team?
      To determine whether that defect is impactful toward your teams business needs, review More information.
    • What workarounds are provided for those defects?
      After a defect of interest is found, you can click it to open all available information, and if a work around is noted.
    Take a look at Installs and Upgrades for more information, and a go-to place before any installation or upgrade is started.
  3. QRadar Admin resources

    Be your teams go to QRadar Administrator, and guru, for the latest News and Notices. Whether your manually processing auto updates, or want to know what is changing in your environment between version upgrades, with the Latest information on auto updates

    Worried you missed the last notification for latest patch release, or wondering if your environment is up-to-date, check with the latest software update information:
    • Automatically, sorted so latest Release date is displayed first, check your current version and compare with Version column if you are up to date
    • Check for Resolved issues for incentives to upgrade
    • Review Notices for information on common issues during or after the upgrade
    • Click the Release Notes link for detailed information on the upgrade, including steps to upgrade under the Procedure section
    • Under Fix Central Download, select the SFS download link to help prepare your systems for upgrades
      Note: Don't forget that pro QRadar Admins use the upgrade checklist, upgrading in parallel for large deployments, and cutting out the workstation extra steps by downloading direct to your server by using Download using bulk SFTP
    Be your teams go-to QRadar Administrator by staying up to date with the latest events.
    See popular areas of interests that help your team pro-actively resolve issues. See the common issues, resolutions, and notices for your QRadar Applications
    Resolve your environments Deploy Changes concerns with our page devoted to in-depth analysis and information. 
    Many issues are due to disk space, check whether your partitions are full.

    Are a large percentage of your events from Windows Servers, check whether they are functioning as expected with our WinCollect information by selecting either version 7 or 10:
    Review and search for support policies under QRadar Support Documentation Resources
    • Select the Filter By Category drop-down for broad searches on the type of support information that you are looking for
    • Type in a Search for a specific support inquiry 
    Where to ask questions that are out of scope for a support case.
    Open and manage your cases, as well as view frequently asked questions for your support case.
  4. Further your QRadar administrative skills

    Become a pro QRadar Administrator by furthering your education on the product.
    Find extra documentation to help plan your environment and enhance your product understanding. 

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19 June 2023