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Upgrade planning - Future hardware

Future planning information provides insight into IBM's current plans, directions, and intent, and is subject to change or withdrawal without notice. Any reliance on this planning information is at the relying party's sole risk and will not create liability or obligation for IBM.

This site provides information on specific hardware products or features which are or will be supported on Power Systems, as well as those not planned to be supported by either future Power Systems or future releases of IBM i. Items that are not supported by future IBM i releases will not be supported on any system.

Models supported by IBM i

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IBM i support for POWER7 and POWER7+, July 2018

IBM i 7.3 is the last release to support IBM POWER7 and IBM POWER7+ processor-based systems. 

IBM i support for POWER6, April 2016

IBM i 7.3 will not support POWER6 systems:

IBM i support for POWER7 BladeCenter or POWER7/POWER7+ IBM Flex system compute nodes, April 2016

IBM i 7.3 is not supported on the following POWER7 BladeCenter or POWER7/POWER7+ IBM Flex system compute nodes

IBM i Integrated Server, April 2016

The IBM i Integrated Server solution will only be supported with the hardware and operating system versions that are currently listed in the iSCSI Solution Guide.

Details on the supported hardware models and operating system versions can be found on the iSCSI Support page

For alternative solutions, refer to - iSCSI DeveloperWorks page

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