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This document provides information on the benefits of having an IBM ID.

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Your IBM Registration ID is your single point of access to IBM Web applications that use IBM Registration. You need just one IBM ID and one password to access any IBM Registration-based application. Furthermore, your information is centralized so you can update it in a convenient and secure location. The benefits of having an IBM Registration ID will increase over time as more and more IBM applications migrate to IBM Registration.

Popular IBM features available to users with an IBM Registered ID are as follows:

Quick Links
Personalizationo Filter content
o Portlet organization
Find what you need faster because you know exactly where everything is.Support home
Downloadso Fixes
o Software Delivery
o License Keys
Find downloads for your IBM products.Fix Central
Entitled Software Support
Notificationo E-mail
o Custom RSS feeds
o Web notifications
Find out about potential problems before they occur and before they potentially impact your environment.My Notifications
Historyo Past fixes ordered
o Current and archived Service Requests
Easily track what you have done and what you are currently working on.Work with my recent orders
Search service requests
Communityo Personal tags
o Content ratings
Leverage the knowledge of others to avoid repeating their mistakes.Communities
Account Informationo My Contracts
o System inventory
o Warranty history
Manage your technical support relationship with IBM for optimal efficiency.Contracts OnLine
Inventory OnLine
Warranties, licenses, and maintenance
Troubleshooto Software technotes
Access the public and entitled technotes for tips and problem resolution.IBM Technotes
Supporto Service Requests
o IBM-Initiated Chat
o Live Chat
Create, manage, and work service requests (PMRs) online.IBM Service Request
IBM Initiated Chat
Live Chat

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