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IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i is a job scheduling system designed to allow unattended operations, automate operator functions, and control report distribution

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The IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i is a highly comprehensive, full-functional job scheduler and report distribution product on IBM i systems. This Licensed Program Product (5770-JS1) facilitates your unattended operations, which can reduce your cost of ownership, and helps improve efficiency and accuracy in managing your batch applications.

  • Automation
  • Batch Job Stream Management
  • Work Flow Management
  • Report Distribution
  • Forward Planning and Production Forecasting
  • Full Calendar of Operations, including scheduling, holiday, and fiscal calendars
  • Dependency Scheduling
  • Dynamic user defined and system parameters
  • Multiple scheduling environments (Production, Test, Backup, etc.)
  • E-mail notification
  • Send entire spooled file or specific pages of spooled file via e-mail
  • Network jobs
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Browser interface

These functions are aimed at simplifying your business, from automating control of your batch jobs to integrating with existing IBM Navigator for i function. Essentially, any batch-capable function can now be scheduled. For example, backups can be scheduled and maintained by combining IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i with Backup, Recovery and Media Services (BRMS).


Automated job scheduling

  • Flexibility in scheduling jobs
  • Unattended (or attended) job processing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with total compliance to the schedules you set
  • Natural extension of the OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i operating systems
  • Complete control of how, when, and where a job is submitted
  • Extensive job dependencies such as objects (existence of a file or records within a physical file), the activity or inactivity of other jobs, or the status of a line, controller, or subsystem
  • Complete calendaring functions, including fiscal and holiday calendars
  • Multiple runs per day at set times or in set intervals.
  • Status notification
  • Report distribution and management

Work Flow Manager

  • Manual and automatic processes are integrated into single easily managed work flow
  • Numerous ways to notify the progress of the work flow
  • Eliminates confusion between IT and non-IT personnel
  • Can be scheduled or manually started
  • Allows users to control the flow

System-wide job controls

Find answers quickly in official IBM product documentation.

  • System-wide defaults may be used when entering job-specific information
  • Working days of the week
  • Default calendars
  • Default applications

System and user-defined parameters

  • Current date, submission date, previous date, and current time can be passed into application programs
  • User-defined parameter values can be created, changed, and passed into application programs

Workload/history forecasting

  • Forecasts all scheduled jobs to be run next week, next month, or next day
  • Optimize production requirements
  • Historical tracking and logging of all Advanced Job Scheduler activity

Network management

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  • Jobs can be set up on any IBM i in the network to run on any other IBM i in the network
  • Provides complete job history of the job on the submitting system
  • Group and dependent jobs can be submitted through the network
  • Routing, monitoring, and controlling of all output reports generated by Advanced Job Scheduler or i operating systems
  • Spooled file distribution to multiple output queues or to remote systems with optional banner pages
  • Spooled output can be duplicated or sent to any user on the IBM i network


  • Existing IBM i security may be utilized within Advanced Job Scheduler
  • Specify who in your organization has authority to set up or change information about scheduled jobs
  • Authority can be specified for either the individual functions of Advanced Job Scheduler or for specific jobs

Graphical user interface and Web interface

  • Point and click capabilities when scheduling a job
  • Manage jobs
  • Maintain dependencies
  • Track scheduler activity and log information

Other key features

Find answers quickly in official IBM product documentation.

  • Email capabilities
  • Use multiple scheduling environments to create your own test and backup strategies
  • Manage scheduled jobs wirelessly from your own PDA or internet-capable cell phone
  • Multiple commands per job
  • Definition for job LDA (Local Data Area)
  • Console monitor to run jobs in restricted state
  • Check maximum run time for each job
  • Interface directly to a message-based third-party paging system
  • Submission and monitoring of System/36 procedures
  • Provisions for full online documentation of each job
  • Extensive cursor-sensitive help text on all displays

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