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Backup, Recovery & Media Services for i is the IBM strategic solution for planning and managing the backup of your i server.

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BRMS provides the i Server with support for policy-oriented setup and execution of backup, recovery, archive, and other removable-media-related operations. BRMS uses a consistent set of intuitive concepts and operations that can be used to develop and implement a backup strategy tailored to your business requirements. The user interface is menu-driven, with a significant number of functions enabled through the optional IBM Systems Director Navigator for i.

BRMS facilitates centralized management of media by maintaining a consistent view of removable tape media, its contents, location, and availability across multiple i servers or partitions referred to as networked systems. This common media scratch pool contains shared tape volumes that are eligible for use by any participating networked system. When a networked system uses one of the shared volumes, that usage is broadcast to all networked systems so that each system has a current view of the active and expired media.


For the full BRMS wiki, go here

Base Product

BRMS provides the following functions in the base product:


  • Backup planning interfaces
  • Online backup of Lotus server and journaled objects
  • Automated backup capabilities
  • Media library support for both IBM and third-party media libraries
  • Tivoli Storage Manager client
  • Parallel save capabilities
  • Unattended restricted state backup
  • Maintain complete backup history


  • System disaster recovery report
  • Automated point-in-time recovery for Lotus server and journaled objects
  • Individual object recovery
  • Automated recovery capabilities

Media Management

  • Media reporting, tracking, and selection
  • Manage media movement
  • Protect and secure media
  • Duplicate media
  • Reclaim fragmented media

Optional Features

In addition, there are two optional features that you can add to the base product to provide greater functional capability.

BRMS Network Feature

With the BRMS Network Feature, a BRMS system is connected to other BRMS systems in the network that uses native TCP/IP or APPN. A BRMS network system provides:

  • Centralized media management
  • The ability to restore data from another system

BRMS Advanced Feature

The BRMS Advanced feature enables Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) archive with HSM dynamic retrieval and automated auxiliary storage pool (ASP) data migration. Some of the functions provided by HSM are:

  • Automatic, transparent management of data across a storage hierarchy
  • Migration of user libraries, folders, and spooled files between ASPs
  • Archive (with storage free option)
  • Dynamic retrieval
  • Automatic movement of data, based on system policies

In addition, the BRMS Advanced feature is required to use the following functions in BRMS:

  • Media library management
  • BRMS system defined name
  • Tape media library status tool
  • Software encryption
  • Hig availability for I-ASPd in a BRMS network
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BRMS licensing information

The software license agreements for IBM products are published here, where you can search for the product ID,  Example 5770BR1

To help find BRMS (5770-BR1), here's the link for 7.4, 7.3 and 7.2.  There are two licenses for each release:  Option 1 has a separate license since it has a flat charge, and the rest is under a license for price based on processor group of machine.  The "License information" and base license are both part of the terms.

License Information Documents

Online Lotus server backup

BRMS provides true online backup support for Lotus Servers such as Domino and Quickplace. These servers can be saved while they are in use with no save while active synchronization points.

System recovery reports

BRMS recovery provides for the orderly retrieval of lost or damaged data by providing comprehensive reports that take you step-by-step through the recovery of your entire system.

Media management

BRMS media management tracks all of your tapes and save files. Your media is tracked from tape creation to expiration.

Virtual tape libraries

BRMS now supports IBM ProtecTIER Virtual Tape Media Libraries. (Also see Support Tape Drives in this wiki below).

IBM has also qualified  DSI VTLs to work BRMS.

TCP/IP Networking

You can now use native TCP/IP for the BRMS Networking Feature.

Graphical User Interface

BRMS now supports graphical operations by providing an optional plug-in to System i Navigator .

Tivoli Storage Manager Application Client

The BRMS Application Client to Tivoli Storage Manager allows BRMS users to perform save and restore operations by using Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) servers as the storage medium.

Supported Tape Drives

BRMS officially supports and tests ONLY IBM Tape Media Libraries, IBM tape drives , IBM Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL), IBM optical drives, DSI VTLs (DSI520-D24 and DSI520-EV0) and Tivoli Storage manager(TSM).

No testing occurs with any OEM Tape Media Libraries or OEM Virtual Tape Libraries (except DSI) or OEM tape and optical drives.

  • IBM i and BRMS does NO testing and has no official support for ANY OEM tape devices.
  • The only tape devices tested and officially supported are the ones that IBM sells and are listed as supported.
  • Any claims of an OEM device being supported on IBM i and BRMS are exclusively those of the OEM vendor.
  • The IBM i Removable Media and BRMS teams do not develop code to specifically support a particular OEM device nor do we put code in to try to block any OEM device.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the OEM vendor to properly emulate the drive their inquiry data says they are emulating and to test that the drive really does work when connected to IBM i using BRMS.

BRMS does have code to use some OEM tape media libraries that are not able to emulate IBM tape media libraries. This code allows the use of the stand-alone drives in the tape media library. However, it is still the responsibility of the OEM vendor to insure that their solution works with BRMS.

Support for parallel saves

Reduce your backup window by taking advantage of the parallel save (and restore) support in BRMS.

For the full BRMS wiki, go here

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