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Verify management interface IP address after system board swap

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Verifying the management interface of a Qradar managed host has an IP after a system board swap.


On occasion, where a hardware appliance has had a system board replacement, the MAC address associated with the management interface might have changed. This can cause the management interface not to get an IP when the network service is started.


  1. In order to verify, the following commands can be run (on out of band console, for example IMM, iLO).
  2. Confirm the HWADDR configured is correct:
    ip link show dev `cat /etc/management_interface`
    Note the value returned.
  3. Compare with configured value:
    grep HWADDR /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-`cat /etc/management_interface`
    NOTE: using back-tick (ascii 96) not single quotation mark.
  4. If the HWADDR values are different, edit the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-`cat /etc/management_interface` setting the HWADDR to be the same as return value from ip link show dev `cat /etc/management_interface`.
  5. Restart network service:
    systemctl restart network
  6. Verify IP:
    ip addr show dev `cat /etc/management_interface`
  7. Verify default gateway:
    route -n
  8. Verify host accessible with ssh from a workstation terminal:
    ssh {user}@{IP}

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16 June 2022