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How to Escalate Support Cases

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Instructions on how to submit and review escalations of an IBM Support Case.

Escalating a Support Case
Follow these steps to escalate a support case:
  1. Log into the IBM Support site and select the case you want to escalate.
    • Select Cases > View Cases from the header
    • Click View your cases
  2. Click the Escalate case button from the Case Status area on the Case detail page.
    Note:  Unable to escalate your case? Review the possible reasons why you may be unable to escalate your case below for more details.

    Escalate Case button
  3. Complete the form and click Submit:
    • Select your communication preference (how IBM should contact you)
    • Select an Escalation reason from the provided list
    • Enter a brief Description of the concern.

      Note: Your email and phone number populate automatically. You can update this information for the escalation if needed and it will not update your contact record.

      Escalation description

      The "Case has been escalated" message will display. Click Close to complete the process.

      Case escalated
      Note: IBM generally responds to after-hours escalations on the next business day, unless the issue is entitled to 24x7 support.

Checking the Status of Your Escalations
After submitting the escalation, you can refresh the Case Details page and click View escalations in the Escalation Information area.
View escalation
Your new escalation displays with its status as Open, along with all of their open and closed escalations.
Escalation status
You can check back on the status of your escalations.
Once IBM Support acknowledges the case, its status changes to Acknowledged.

Unable to Escalate
In some situations, you may not be able to escalate your cases.
  • You cannot escalate a case until an IBM Support agent has acknowledged the case.
    The escalate case button displays the "Escalate case unavailable" message (shown below) if your case is not yet eligible for escalations.

    Escalate unavailable
  • You cannot escalate the case if there is already an existing escalation.
    If the issue is urgent, you can contact support and ask to speak to the Duty Manager.

    Already escalated

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08 February 2022